Barrington Single Watch Winder Giveaway

Barrington Watch Winders provide affordable, high-quality automatic watch winders to suit all types of watches. Every product features quality engineering with ultra-quiet motors and variable rotation and turns per day settings.

Why use a watch winder?

Barrington Single Watch Winder

An automatic watch is a precision piece of engineering and, like your car or any other complex machine, it benefits from being used rather than being left idle. Inside your watch are many cogs, levers and springs, all of which are lubricated by a very fine oil that keeps the watch functioning at optimal performance. Using a watch winder helps ensure that the mechanism is kept lubricated and operating as it should.

Ready when you are

Barrington Single Watch Winder

Leaving your watch in a winder ensures that when you come to wear it you can be confident that the time is correct and the watch can immediately be worn without the fuss of having to adjust the date or time.

How to use a watch winder?

Barrington Single Watch Winder

How to use – simply remove the cuff from the winder, wrap your watch around it and close the bracelet/strap, then replace the cuff. Next, you need to set the rotation direction – clockwise, counter-clockwise, or alternating between the two – and how many turns per day you wish it to rotate for. Most watch manufacturers provide guidance on this, but as a rule of thumb heavier watches require more turns per day and we prefer setting our watches on an alternating rotation schedule. Once the settings have been adjusted, the winder will begin winding your watch. You can use the turns per day database to work out how many turns your watch needs –

Your chance to win!!

Barrington Single Watch Winder

I have teamed up with Barrington Watch Winders to offer a gorgeous Red Barrington Single Watch Winder to one lucky Mummy Matters reader. All you need to do to register your entry is complete the Gleam entry form below. Good luck xx

Giveaway ends: 30th October 2019 Midnight

WIN Barrington Single Watch Winder

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