Babies love music, Babies Go Madonna!

image One of the first connections that I had with my babies when they were in my tummy, other than talking to them was playing them music. It was amazing to watch my bump wiggle around and to feel them moving from side to side to listen to the music. Both of them have continued to love music since they were born, they both love to sing and dance, they both listen to music when they go to sleep at night and we all like to have music playing in the car. The trouble is I don’t always want to listen to nursery rhymes and my old Eminem cd’s aren’t really for their gentle ears so we need to find a suitable compromise. Well now we’ve found it!

Lulu Sapphire sell a fab range of Babies Go cd’s which are a cool collection of music from your favourite artists made into easy listening instrumental specifically for your little ones. We were sent Babies Go Madonna which includes 14 of Madonna’s popular tracks including Ray of Light, Like a Prayer, Crazy for You and Express Yourself. I wasn’t sure how well the music would work but it’s brilliant and we all love it, the tracks are really relaxing and pleasant, the only problem we have now is that Little Bean has claimed it for her bedroom and I want a copy for the car, I think this is a sign of things to come!

Other great artists in the Babies Go range include: Take That, Elton John, Oasis, Abba, Michael Jackson and Mozart. What better way to introduce your little ones to some great music and your favourite bands!

RRP £12.95

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