Are you a ‘secret saver’?

The way that other couples handle their finances always intrigues me, you see from the moment that Hubby and I moved in together we opened a joint account and had both of our wages paid into it. All bills were paid out by direct debit and anything that was left in the account was for us to enjoy together. If we wanted a day out shopping together or alone, we would, if we wanted to book a holiday they we would make efforts to earn a little extra by doing car boot sales. Everything that we have done has always been discussed with each other first, we don’t stop each other from doing things and we don’t ‘hide’ things (well, I don’t and I’m 99% sure that Hubby doesn’t either).

Secret Savings

Recently though, I have heard of more and more couples who have ‘secret savings’ from their other halves, whether that be husbands that feel their wives spend too much on shopping so they stash a bit out of sight, saving up for a surprise getaway or worse, leaving their partner and keeping a wedge of money for themselves.

Individual or Joint Accounts

Some of my friends have admitted that they still have individual bank accounts and they pay half or a proportion of the household bills each, then what is left in their account is for them to spend on whatever their heart’s desire.

Secret Savers Research

Affordable car hire company recently commissioned research which revealed that one in four British adults hide savings from their partner. As a company that helps to save people money on their car hire, Autoeurope understand how important it is to having a ‘saving aspiration’. Their research would suggest that couples show a determined effort to save towards well-earned indulgences on their own.



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