Andrex Caring Christmas Hamper Giveaway

Brits will spend £396 million preparing their bathrooms for Christmas

Sales of Andrex® increase by 15% in the lead up as shoppers ‘trade up’ their toilet tissue

WP_20141214_025Christmas is the time of year when houses across the country get a festive makeover, but our focus isn’t entirely on dressing the rooms we use for entertaining.

New research from Andrex® reveals that a quarter (25%) of British households will be purchasing premium toilet tissue in an attempt to upgrade our bathrooms in the lead up to the festive season.

When questioned about Christmas household budgeting, the results revealed the average household spends an extra £15  – a total UK spend of £396 million – on small luxuries such premium toilet tissue, nice hand wash (16%) and scented candles (31%). And half of Brits (46%) admitted that treating ourselves to these small upgrades helps make the festive season more special, with a further third (32%) saying that showing this level of care ensures that family and friends feel at home when visiting.

As the nation’s most loved toilet tissue brand, Andrex® sees sales of its products increase by 15%* in the month before Christmas, as people invest in quality toilet tissue – more than they would at any other time of the year.

Sam Owen, psychologist comments:

“Christmas is the time for treating ourselves and others, so it isn’t surprising that this sense of indulgence extends to the bathroom.

“However, what people might not realise is that when we do show ourselves and, in particular, our bottoms, a bit of TLC by purchasing premium product, we are also improving our wellbeing.

“97% of Brits say that feeling clean is important to them**, and has a positive effect on confidence. So buying quality toilet tissue shouldn’t be seen as a treat once a year, but a long term lifestyle change for the benefit of both our psychological and physical wellbeing.”

Top 10 bathroom purchases we make at Christmas:

  1. Scented candles (32%)
  2. Premium toilet tissue (25%)
  3. Room spray or diffuser (21%)
  4. Luxury hand wash (16%)
  5. Bubble bath (13%)
  6. Hand cream (9%)
  7. New hand towels (8%)
  8. Luxury tissues (7%)
  9. Body lotion (7%)
  10. Moist toilet tissue (4%)


Karel van der Mandele, Andrex® UK and Ireland Marketing Director, Intimate Care, comments:

“We see a surge in sales over the Christmas period; people want to buy the best for their families to enjoy and they trust our products to deliver uncompromised care during this special time.

“However, taking care of our families isn’t limited to Christmas, so let this festive season kick off a full year of uncompromised caring.”

Giveaway Time!!!

Andrex would like to give one of my lovely readers a helping hand and provide them with all that they would need to give uncompromising care to their families this festive season.

The Andrex® Caring Christmas Hamper prize will be worth approximately £25 and will include:

  • Scented candle
  • Premium Toilet Tissue
  • Room Spray or diffuser
  • Luxury hand wash
  • Hand cream
  • New hand towel
  • Luxury tissues
  • Moist toilet tissue

This is a quick giveaway so you need to get in fast to ensure your entry is counted!

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44 thoughts on “Andrex Caring Christmas Hamper Giveaway”

  1. I don’t really buy many luxuries over the Christmas period beyond some food items (like mince pies). I generally like to use the same decorations year after year and haven’t had the opportunity to entertain much over the last few years. That might change soon, though. This year, I did buy a fresh wreath for the door. It’s the first time I’ve done that.

  2. Mostly chocolate but I do like to buy something fancy to drink as well. I don’t really drink the rest of the time so it’s nice to have a southern comfort and lemonade on Christmas Day evening.

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