A Guide To Best Whiskey Glass Collection

If you love your whiskey, you know how much fun it takes to collect anything associated with your favourite drink. Besides collecting whiskey brands from different parts of the world, you probably have a collection of whiskey glasses that you love to show off to your friends. But how does one decide on which glass to keep in their collection to avoid gathering everything up?

best whisky glass
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Well, this depends on a few things, most of which are guided by personal preference. However, regardless of what you choose, there are basic traits that will guide any whiskey lover when selecting their glasses of choice. This article captures some of the characteristics that make excellent whiskey glasses.

1.   Consider the Structure

Whether you want to get the crown royal reserve standard glasses or are looking for other alternatives, you want to start by considering the structure of the glasses you invest in. There is a high likelihood that the glasses you get will not be cheap since they will be unique. With this in mind, it only makes sense to choose glass options that are reasonably priced and those that will stand out because of their uniqueness.

When it comes to glass structure, you need to focus on a glass whose make allows it to swirl around quickly. For example, an excellent whiskey of scotch should be breathable but not sit at the bottom the way wine would. This means that you should avoid taking whiskey in a wine glass no matter how tempting it is. In the same light, be careful when choosing a whiskey glass that you want to have for a long time.

If you are keen on the sensory experience, you should also pay attention to the texture and shape of the Glass. For instance, the wide-based glass offers you a better sensory experience. Above everything else, ensure that the glass provides seamless drinkability by being round and curled at the mouth. Choosing the right glass affects your experience

2.   Consider the Glass Feel and Experience

A Guide To Best Whiskey Glass Collection 1
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When choosing a whiskey glass, make sure to try it on your hand first before paying for it. It should feel good and comfortable in your hands. When trying it out, consider the weight, grip, and design make a difference. Generally, you want to feel good when having your favourite drink in the glass of choice.

While it is not easy to explain this trait, you are likely to know a glass that feels good from one that does not. So follow your instincts and stick to what pleases you most. After all, you are the one who will be using the Glass more than anyone else.

3.   How does the Glass Look?

Appearance matters when choosing a whiskey glass. Remember that you will be enjoying your whiskey, and it better feel good while at it. So, as you sip through your favourite brand of whiskey, ensure that your Glass matches the expensive taste of whiskey you chose. It is even more critical if you are the kind of person that values aesthetics.  Choose glasses that are attractive and comfortable to use regularly. What’s more, you can impress your guests with your collection if you choose the right glasses.

4.   Check the Glass Type

A Guide To Best Whiskey Glass Collection 2
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When choosing glasses for your drink, ensure you consider the glass type. Fortunately, on this, there is a lot to work with. There are numerous varieties to consider when choosing whiskey glasses. This means that you can choose from among the multiple options available. The most common types are the snifter,  the highball, the tumbler,  the tulip-shaped Glass, the Glencairn, and the neat whiskey glass.

Usually, it helps to try a few glass types and settle for those that you love most. It is best to have a type of Glass or two types that you can always use whenever you enjoy your whiskey. Some people have a glass in each category which is still great as long as you can afford it. However, understanding the difference between these glasses will help you decide which one suits you best.

  1. Tumbler glass is probably the most popular across the globe. It is an old-school kind of Glass that is considered the rocks of all glasses. You are likely to come across this type of Glass at any decent bar across the world.  It is great to have a few of these, especially if you are keen on entertaining guests every once in a while.
  2. Glencairn glass is also a popular one in wine tasting events. It is easy to go for the type of Glass with thick Glass and a wide vessel that allows you to swirl your drink with a lot of ease. It is the whiskey glass that is designed for friendly events as it fits the part.
  3.  Snifter glasses are also unique as they come with short stems with narrow tops and wide bottoms. They make for the ideal whiskey glasses for people who want something fancy without compromising their experience quality.
  4. The Tulip glass is the perfect choice for anyone who wants something long and fancy. In addition, it is ideal for individuals who may have their hands full and struggling with oils and lotions. This type of glass allows you to enjoy your drink without getting the oils into your drink. In addition, such glass will enable you to have a more pure experience as far as whiskey control is concerned.
  5. Neat Glass is probably the most recent entrant into the whiskey-drinking world. It is specially made to help get rid of the smells allowing you to enjoy your drink much better than you otherwise would.

Final Thoughts

best whisky glass
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Choosing the right whiskey glass is no walk in the park. However, with a bit of research and patience, you can find a pretty good collection. Regardless of the type of whiskey glass you settle for, make sure it is something you can display in your wine glass cabinet. It may take a while to develop an excellent glass collection, but it is well worth it.

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