7 Special Must Capture Moments On a Wedding Day

A wedding is the most important event that happens once in a lifetime. The bride and groom need to capture some of the most beautiful or important moments in their wedding diaries to cherish later on with their loved ones. However, you should search for the best company with professional and experienced photographers for suitable wedding photography in Brisbane. They can capture the special moments on your wedding day, and you can show those photographs to your children and grandchild. At some point, you might wish to go back in time and remember the time when you were treated so specially. 

Must Capture Moments

Every person wants to feel loved by their special ones, and photographs can take you back to the moments of your wedding day. The meaningful moments and photos from start to end can create a wonderful story in your photo album. Some of the most important clicks that a bride wants in their wedding are mentioned in the below list. 

1. Bride getting ready 

A detailed look and overview of the bridal dress, accessories, ornaments, and then a whole bridal look will create a sequential story. It will provide a wonderful effect with a detailed story, and the bridesmaid posing around the bride will make the album more beautiful. 

2. Capture the first look 

The first look of the groom over the bride at the entrance is a perfect shot to capture. It’s best to take photos of the groom and bride as they approach each other on stage. Their first look and hand-in-hand photos should be beautifully taken with a happy face. Photography is all about expressions, and that expression when the groom sees the bride should not be missed. 

3. Walking down the aisle moment

Must Capture Moments

The best moment in a wedding is when the bride walks down the aisle towards her groom. The heartwarming smile of the bride and the happy face of the groom will be a wonderful moment together. The video of that particular moment seems so special as the bride wants to see the facial expressions of everyone present in the hall. 

You can hire the best services for Sunshine coast wedding videography. It is best to check the testimonial, client reviews and feedback of the photographer or company services. Check the previous work of the photographer and company arrangements to understand their approach to wedding photography. You want a responsible and creative videographer who can add beauty to the moments with perfectly angled shots and time relaxation in between. They should only capture unique and relevant shots with the perfect angle, lights and effects. 

4. Couple entrances at the reception

The couples want a royal entrance, especially on their wedding day. It is the most memorable moment when the bride will hold a flower bouquet in one hand and walk with her loved ones in a beautiful costume. The bride wants to capture that perfect happy moment with her other half or a perfect soulmate. The bridesmaid walking behind them in a sequence will provide a beautiful look. 

5. First kiss moment 

After marriage, the first kiss is a most special moment for the bride and groom. The photographers can take the shot at the perfect angle and the correct distance. They have to set the background, lights and angle with stable hands or with the help of equipment. It is the most memorable moment for couples.   

6. Dance and toast moment 

Must Capture Moments

The bride and groom performance is the best moment to be captured on the dance floor. It is special for the bride to remember these moments and bring a smile to her face later on. A daughter will never forget a dance performance with her father, mother and brother. All these should be captured with expressions that create a beautiful wedding album. 

A toast is a speech performed for the special ones for their special day. The bride wants to remember those words, expressions and feelings for their lifetime. It is perfect for capturing the champagne moment and sharing the toast with cheers and vows. 

7. Couple exit moment 

The bride wants a perfect exit with the groom, and it will always be a memorable or emotional moment. You can see the decor arrangements, sparklers and guest greetings. The ending makes the wedding photography and videography complete with beautiful clicks. Happiness or tears from a parent’s eye shows love for their daughter. Such an important moment should be captured! 

Wedding photography needs to be done perfectly for portraits, CDs and albums. You can get an experienced photographer for adorable pictures and beautiful effects. 


If you want a pre-wedding shoot and need help finding the perfect location for a photo shoot, you can hire the Brisbane wedding photographer. They are familiar with the most beautiful location in your town or city. You will get beautiful shots and backgrounds for your wedding album and portraits. 

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