7 Most Beautiful Tourist Places In Jordan

Jordan is one of the most famous places in Saudi Arabia, which is on the list of every traveller visiting Saudi. Jordan is a safe destination, despite being located amidst clashing neighbouring nations Egypt and Syria. The following list covers the best seven places to keep in mind while visiting the traveller-friendly country Jordan.

7 Best Tourist Places To Visit In Jordan:

7 Best Tourist Places To Visit In Jordan:

1. Petra

Swiss explorer Jean Louis Burckhardt found Petra Caves, now part of the new 7 Wonders of the world, around 200 years ago. Tourists should take at least two days to witness the historical monuments and soak in the highlights of the location around Petra. There are over 800 registered sites around the location that offers tourists never-ending exciting experiences.

2. Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Floating on the Dead Sea is almost there on the list of every tourist’s bucket list. The Dead Sea of Jordan is the lowest human accessible place on Earth by road. The Dead Sea is located 418 meters below the sea level of the Earth. Tourists can take an hour-long ride from the capital of Jordan, Amman, to float on the Dead Sea and get skin-friendly mud packs.

3. Wadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib is one of the iconic attractions of Jordan, resembling the Grand Canyon of America. Vacationists from all over the globe tour the Wadi Mujib for its overabundance of spectacular beauty and several exotic animals, including Egyptian Vultures, Striped Hyena, Syrian Wolf, Nubian ibex, etcetera. Travellers can opt for hiking and camping around the canyon to hit the Mujib Reserve Biosphere.

4. Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum

Head south to reach the most striking panoramas of the Earth at the Wadi Rum or The Valley of the Moon. The Wadi Rum location has served as a beautiful backdrop for many films including, the 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia. Find a glamping accommodation at Wadi Rum to spend at least a night at the location to stargaze and spend quality time glamorous camping.

5. Jerash Ruins

Jerash Ruins

Driving 50 km from the capital of Jordan, Amman, would take you to the ancient city Gerasa right in the capital city. Hadrian’s Arch and tall standing columns of the Forum are among the top-seeking points by the travellers. The ancient Roman city is now left with the archaeological ruins of the Forum, a large area or plaza, and columns from the old era buildings and towers.

6. Madaba


Madaba is a historic city housing the world-famous ancient mosaic and maps throughout the city. Opposite to how people need to look up to sightsee, in Madaba, the best mosaics are located on the floors of the churches and ancient buildings. St. George’s Church is where the infamous 6th-century map in a mosaic depicting biblical-era cartography of the ancient times. Check out more mosaic designs at other archaeological parks around the city.

7. Aqaba


Jordan offers stunning locations and activities to the tourists travelling in the country. Who said a seaside vacation in a hot middle eastern climate is not possible. Head to the coast of the Red Sea in Jordan for floating, snorkelling, diving, or just swimming would make you fall in love with the place.

These are the best places to add to the itinerary when visiting Jordan. Check out the best offers on air arabia ticket.

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