7 Creative Gifts for Men They Will Thank You For

Do men like receiving gifts? Of course, they do. Just because they don’t show bubbly excitement as women don’t mean they don’t appreciate them.

A creative gift should show him that you carefully thought about what to give him. It should be a reflection of his individuality, meaning he should feel the gift you bought him is what he could have bought for himself.

Creative Gifts for Men

To buy a gift he will thank you for, here are a few points to guide you:

  • His interests and hobbies: What does he like doing or what does he like to talk about?
  • His work: You can get him a gift related to his work.
  • Think outside the box: It can be a memorable outdoor experience.

With that said, the following are 7 cool gifts that prove you thought hard and deeply about what to buy him.

Custom Engraved Plaque

This is an ideal gift for a man who has achieved something special. It could be a job promotion, winning an award, or even surviving tough times. All you have to do is get his name and accomplishment engraved on a plaque to remind him of what he has done in life. Custom engraved plaques, such as those seen at Martin Awards, make the perfect gift for a man who needs that extra bit of recognition. Plaques are something special to display proudly and can be hung in his office, home, or wherever he chooses. It’s an excellent way to show appreciation for his hard work and dedication that doesn’t break the bank!

Beard and grooming kit

Beard grooming

Is he a stickler for personal grooming? If so, get him a classic grooming kit. For the modern man, grooming has the power to make or break his image. Here is a peek of what you can include in his gift hamper:

  • Trimmer: For trimming his hair and beard.
  • Shower gel: Select one that fits his skin type.
  • Face wash: To help him get rid of dirt and oil from his face.
  • Sunscreen: Excellent for the man whose work involves road trips.

Other important items to consider here include a comb, lip balm and facial scrub.


7 Creative Gifts for Men They Will Thank You For 1

If you decide to go the jewellery way, then silver is a perfect choice, especially if your man likes wearing dark clothing. Silver gives him that sleek and timeless look he deeply craves for. Flashy man? Gold will melt his heart!

Some of the most recommended jewellery pieces you can buy include watches, necklaces, tie accents, shirt links, cuff studs, blazer buttons and bracelets. While at it, be sure to check out David Christopher Jewellers, who is currently running a limited-time sale for Clogau products, including Clogau bracelets, stud earrings, pendants and more.


7 Creative Gifts for Men They Will Thank You For 2

When selecting an aftershave for him, buy the original even if it costs you more. If you already know what perfume he likes, go ahead and buy him a bottle of his favourite scent. If you have no idea, it’s okay to find out from the people around him.

For the outgoing man, scents of jasmine, lavender, bergamot and spice will truly please him. A more reserved man will appreciate woody scents like tobacco, moss, musk and vetiver.

Grilling set

Grill set

If he is a barbeque fanatic, buy him a grill set he can use to show off his grilling prowess to his friends and family when they come over.

Grilling sets come in a variety, such as outdoor open-fire grills, outdoor charcoal grills, indoor fireplace grills, and indoor electric countertop grills.

A grilling set will show him that you are in tune with his hobbies. It’s a personalized gift that he will be proud to show off.



Most men have a toolbox, even if it contains only three items, and he probably wishes he had an advanced toolbox. When buying one for him, here are the essential tools to consider:

  • Screwdriver set and pliers
  • Tape measure and duct tape
  • Hammer
  • Flashlight
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Small hand saw

Outdoor gift set


If your man is always out fishing, mountain climbing or camping, an outdoor setting is the perfect gift you can give him. It comes with all the essentials he needs while outdoors, including a blanket, gloves, a set of pocket tools, a backpack, a headlamp, a compass, a camping hammock, and a portable coffee maker.

Add more items to suit the kind of outdoor activities he likes, like a fishing line if he loves fishing.

Ticket to an event


What a pleasant surprise this will be! But first, you have to find out whether he is interested in music, movies, sports or whatever the event is all about.

Next, devise a way to surprise him with the tickets in a creative way. For example, if he likes sports, you can buy a T-shirt from his favourite team and present it to him with the ticket wrapped inside.

If it’s a ticket to an outdoor concert, you can put it inside a box with a blanket, binoculars and snacks. The idea here is to surprise him with more than one gift.

Have you now decided what to buy him?

Choosing an appropriate gift for a man can be difficult, given that most men aren’t expressive enough. Therefore, you have to rely on the cues he gives out, like observing what he is interested in.

Worth noting is that it’s not how expensive a gift is that matters to a man, but rather how relatable it is to his individuality, interests, work, and everyday experiences. That’s what will make him truly appreciate your gift. Good luck!

7 Creative Gifts for Men They Will Thank You For 3

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