6 tips for saving money on a family trip to London

There are many great reasons to visit London with the family, but it can also be a rather pricey experience in this capital. London offers amazing experiences for both adults and kids, but it may be a good idea to do a bit of planning on this matter. Here’s what to consider for a family trip to London.

1. Consider a day trip to London

family trip to London

As accommodation can be costly in London, it may be a good idea to consider just doing a day trip if possible. If not, it might be more favourable to stay overnight somewhere else and venture to London for the day. If you arrive directly from the airport and want to explore straight away, there are options for luggage Storage in the city.

2. Consider taking public transport

London can be hard to drive around, and much queuing is often a reality. Consider taking public transport to get around or doing a one-day pass for transport. If distances are walkable, this is also a great way to get around and explore. To get to London from the airports, there are several buses, trains, and other transportation, depending on the airport. Get on one of these and leave the bags at LuggageHero King’s Cross.

3. Free attractions

If you have to do many attractions as a family, this can be quite a costly affair when visiting London. There are several free ones to consider, though, such as museums. Make sure you check out lists of free attractions before you go there.

4. Book ahead with accommodation

family trip to London

Last-minute decisions in terms of accommodation often lead to higher prices. As with many other trips, it is a good idea to book ahead when you have kids. Plan far ahead and book your accommodation. You may consider checking out prices for Premier Inn hotels in London.

5. Popular attractions for kids – London

There are so many kid-friendly experiences, but some of the most popular ones are Warner Bros. Studio Tour London and Madame Tussauds Museum London. Musicals such as Wicked and The Lion King are also something both parents and kids like. For Harry Potter fans, London is undoubtedly the place to experience this magical world.                                  

6. Eating out with kids in London

Fish n chips

In the city, you will find lots of family-friendly restaurants. Try a different dining experience with the kids at The Archipelago or visit Shrimp & Grill. Places such as Jungle Cave and Poppie’s Fish and Chips could also be an option.

6 tips for saving money on a family trip to London 1

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