6 Simple Ways to Revamp your Garden

In the following short guide, we’ll look at how you can improve and revamp your garden! You could bring many changes to your garden, such as adding and arranging flowers, installing water features, and having new turf laid down. If you have old trees in your garden that you are looking to remove, it’s best to ask help from Tree Service in Arlington, who will be able to advise or do the job for you.

Install a Water Feature

6 Simple Ways to Revamp your Garden

Some of the most popular water features are fountains, reflecting pools, streams, garden ponds, rills, drilled rocks and water blades. These installations can provide great visual and auditory stimulation and create a more peaceful environment. In addition, water features can attract wildlife such as birds.

Bird Feeders

Bird feeder
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On the topic of birds, you may wish to have feeders added to your garden too. The most common types are tube, window, suet, ground, nut & nibble, seed, hose, tube and platform feeders. You could add a nice mixture of seeds like millets and sunflower seeds or even flaked maize.

New Fencing

wood garden fence board
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How about having new fencing fitted? Some of the most popular materials used to make fence boards are timber, weave and metals like galvanised steel. What about constructing a shed for storage? As with fencing, sheds can be made of various materials, whether wood, plastic or metal.

New Turf

shallow focus photography of green grasses during daytime
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For the lawn, you may wish to have new turf laid down. The most frequently used types of turf are budget and hard-wearing turf. Other options include premium and wildflower turf. Before choosing a turf product, you should consider factors such as the style, look, durability and turf prices associated with each option.

Seating Area

Revamp your garden
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The most common designs are backless, straight, curved, tree, memorial and Lutyens benches in terms of garden benches. As far as materials go, wooden, weave or rattan, iron and aluminium are among the best choices. It would help if you had your garden bench installed such that wherever it is in the garden, it faces towards your house. That way, the garden bench or benches will naturally stand out to anyone venturing into the garden.

Plants and Flowers

Revamp your garden
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

One of the most important elements to the look of a garden is its plants. Some of the most beautiful and interesting flowers that can grow in the UK are hollyhock, wisteria, foxglove, rambling roses, catmint, phlox and delphinium. 

It is best practice to have three rows of growing flower beds, with the first being the shortest and the last being the tallest. The back row should also feature several tall flowers around the middle of the row with contrasting colours to act as a focal point. In addition, you might also want to have potted plants added to your garden.

As you can see from this short article, there are many steps you can take to enhance the look of your garden. By taking these steps and more, you can give your garden a new lease of life!

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