6 Useful Gifts to Give to a New Mum of Twin Babies

Twins equal twice as much love. But there’s no shame in admitting that they’re also twice as much stress for a new mother.

6 Useful Gifts to Give to a New Mum of Twin Babies

If you’re looking for ways to support parents of newborn twin babies, skip cutesie gifts that have a short shelf life. Here are the 6 best gifts for newborn twins.

1. Blankets

People overlook the most practical baby items when they don’t offer a certain level of cuteness. The ooohs and ahhs at baby showers might bring parents joy temporarily, but once they’re alone with twins they’ll wish for resources that help them get through the day.

Blankets are never plentiful enough when you have twins. In the fuss of dealing with two babies at once, blankets will likely be needed in every room. Blankets are helpful in swaddling an irritable baby, keeping newborn babies warm, and providing privacy while nursing.

When the twins go out in public for the first time, the mother will want them protected. The most common way is through a stroller cover or blanket.

Blankets can double as last-minute rain or snow cover. It can also make an impromptu changing table in the backseat of a car. There are no limits to how blankets can swoop in and save the day when new parents are struggling.

2. Baby Monitor

Only lucky parents get twins to sleep at the same time. Help parents keep track of both babies when their schedules diverge.

A baby monitor with 2 cameras means being able to track a child in a crib and a swing at the same time. Parents can move about the house doing chores without worry you’re missing out on the needs of one of the children. 

Help parents avoid angst with a baby monitor that provides crystal clear images of what each baby is doing while they’re in the next room. Parents will appreciate the tiny moments of freedom simply using the bathroom can bring when they’re on constant baby duty.

Key features of a dual camera baby monitor are split-screen monitors, tilt/pan camera movements, and two-way sounds. This is critical when you need to soothe your baby in another room.

Top of the line models also offers the ability to play soothing sounds like lullabies or white noise for babies to help them get to sleep.

3. Nappies

Newborn babies can never have enough nappies. This gender-neutral gift is most appreciated when you buy in varying sizes.

Parents can use the diapers over time helping them save money on everyday expenses. If the parents are eco-conscious, try reusable nappies with highly absorbent inserts.

The inserts are helpful in preventing leaks so babies won’t need to be changed as often. Preventing leaks is critical when trying to get babies to sleep through the night.

Make sure you set the new parents up for success in choosing nappies that can withstand the test of time. If you’re planning to buy cloth nappies, make sure you include a wet bag so that the diapers can be stored properly while on the go.

An odour-proof wet bag keeps soiled nappies in top condition until laundry day.

4. Picture Books

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There’s no sound sweeter to a newborn than the sound of its parents’ voices. New parents quickly find that talking, singing, and humming to newborn babies can quickly help them settle down.

The best gifts for newborn twins are picture books. It gives babies another reason to hear their parents’ voices. As they grow, the newborn twins can start to explore phonics on their own using early readers.

Choose books with bright illustrations to help babies remain engaged throughout storytime as they age.

5. Double Stroller

Few parents of twins can live without a double stroller. It’s the only way to navigate quickly in public.

It doesn’t matter if you already suspect the parents bought a double stroller on their own. Parents will likely want a Mixx stroller in the trunk of each car as they prepare for newborn twins.

This lessens the prep time needed to get the babies ready when it’s time to go out. Choose a double stroller compatible with newborn car seats since these models save space.

Parents can use the remaining trunk space for errands like grocery shopping or lugging around other helpful baby gear.

6. Double Baby Carrier

Just as babies love the sound of their parents’ voices they also love the sound of their heartbeats. A double baby carrier allows parents to wear two babies on their chests at once.

This is the perfect gift for the multitasking parent. Parents can cook dinner, finish up work, or clean up around the house while soothing their babies.

They’ll have far less trouble trying to figure out which tasks to do next when they can be hands-free during the day and night. Make sure the carrier you choose as a gift has adjustable straps.

Height can make or break a parent’s experience with a baby carrier. Adjustable straps mean accomodating shorter or longer torsos so parents can wear the babies longer.

Finding the Best Gifts for Newborn Twins

Newborn twins
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The best gifts for newborn twins allow parents to keep taking care of everyday tasks while caring for their babies. The stress of parenting two babies at once will likely result in enough sleep loss.

Help parents kill two birds with one stone each time they set out to do a household chore. They’ll graciously appreciate the loving support your gift brings if it has ongoing practical value.

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