5 Amazing Social Media Marketing Advice For Artists

The contemporary methods of selling art are quite enthralling. Gone are the days of booking at art galleries or finding space in the boutique display. Who would have ever thought that the internet could change the face of marketing, even fine things like art and literature? Moreso, the stats reveal that the trend will continue to grow.  Even though pandemic has deterred buyers from catching upon art fairs, at least social media is helping fill those gaps.

5 Amazing Social Media Marketing Advice For Artists
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All the artists looking forward to venturing into the beautiful world of social media marketing should follow the top five pieces of advice to upturn their marketing game. 

1.  Compare Performances Across Platforms

Up until a few years ago, Facebook was the prime attraction for marketers. Like any other marketing channel, social media platforms witnessed tremendous growth and change. Currently, there are a handful of spaces to market your art. Famous for job hunting, LinkedIn is the new hot spot to run sponsored content and dynamic adverts. Similarly, Pinterest can be an ideal platform for the art business, where many people log in to find craft inspiration and create mood boards. Now each of the channels can have its own set of advantages, yet an artist must keep a close watch on places that generate maximum revenue.

Which platform would work better for your business largely depends on your niche. For instance, if you wish to sell photographs, the photo, and video sharing app, Instagram might generate better sales. So, the golden rule of investing on a channel would largely depend upon its rate of return. Before you go hefty on that, make sure to test the market and compare results.  

2.  Get Creative With Your Content

Ever thought about why social media marketing is so preferred among artists? The simple answer to the question is that these platforms are your window to the outside world. With free registration and plenty of opportunities, almost every artist stands a chance to be noticed. The part is sometimes the most shared content on social media is not paid. From your page’s aesthetic to every word you put down to describe your art is a contributing factor. In highly competitive social media platforms, whatever catches the attention, sustains.

3.  Make Your Advertising Appealing

Users spend only a fraction of a second on adverts. It can only hold attention if it is incredibly catchy. Rate the performance of your ad and notice what appeals. 2021 is all about being creative. So some advertisers take audiences on a visual journey of creating art, while others share inspirational messages. If you have a story,  social media is your place to be. Stats reveal that video clips do better than static posts and ads. So why waste time? Get some action on your advertisements as well.

5 Amazing Social Media Marketing Advice For Artists 1
Source: Unsplash.com

4.  Social Media Marketing Is More About Connection

Even if you don’t plan to spend any money, you can still work your way around for organic growth. Yes,  plenty of artists have their profiles who make fantastic sales just because of their aesthetic appeal. Your branding and the way you connect with your audiences makes all the difference. Some artist plans out of the box strategies to reach out to their audiences. The more you connect with your audiences, the better are the chances of making sales. Host giveaways to create a buzz, or you may also offer exclusive discount coupons for your followers. Whenever you ought to plan an art exhibition, never forget to market it through your social media. ‘Out of sight is out of mind’. Your regular customers are just a message away. Slide into their DMs and greet them now and then.

5.  Link as Much As You Can

Algorithm across various platforms work on a simple matrix of popularity and searchability. So the most searched and clicked content is often the top prompted content that users find on their search pages. To increase your searchability, some of the best ways are:

  • Use descriptive hashtags than generalized ones. Rather than searching for art-related tags, go specific with your niche. So if you make pop art, users interested in pop-culture can also be your potential clients.
  • The more you appear on other people’s feeds, the better is your exposure. Get your buyers to tag your profile every time they post pictures.
  • Be an active participant in art-related communities. Input in your valuable knowledge and never forget to tag.
  • Get others to talk about your business. You can do this through influencer marketing.
  • Always link your social media pages to your website. Also, mention your handle on various art portfolio sites.

The Bottom Line

With continually evolving algorithms, sometimes it isn’t easy to catch up on social media marketing. Nonetheless, it is equally rewarding to generate sales. Most of the techniques involve a learning curve. Once you start deploying these strategies, you would better hold what works best for your business.

5 Amazing Social Media Marketing Advice For Artists 2

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