5 Smart Home Design Ideas for 2022

Every homeowner will need to overhaul their home at one point, be it changing the mood of a room through paint choice to changing how a room flows with a new layout; the home design is a vital part of what makes a space yours.

Smart home design

But there are so many ideas, aesthetics to choose from, and advice articles that it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. Today we’ll be breaking down five smart home design ideas you can implement for 2022.

Let’s begin!

Change Your Radiators


Deciding to do something with your radiators is often too much work or hassle. For some homeowners, considering doing anything with their radiators may not even cross their minds, and if it does, it is usually to give them a new coat of paint.

But radiators are essential to heating your home (duh!) and for the aesthetic of your home as a whole. They take up much wall space and can stick out like a sore thumb if they don’t blend seamlessly into your overarching home theme.

Newer models of a radiator are not only aesthetically pleasing but there are so many to choose from that there’s bound to be one for you. There are even vertical radiators on the market nowadays for awkward rooms with unusually high ceilings or stairway landings that can’t fit a conventional radiator.

So be it something fancy like a state-of-the-art glass radiator or something more traditional like a four-column horizontal radiator, get something that’ll amplify your aesthetic rather than hinder it.

Get Better Door Handles

Door handle

This may seem like a strange suggestion, but it can improve the cohesion and style of a room (and, by extension, your whole home). Just start with the basics; do all your door handles match? If not, why not?

Small features such as this can often get overlooked when thinking about home design and the style of each room. Try to keep your door handles consistent with your home’s theme and match them. You’d be surprised by the difference this can make!

Use LED Strip Lights

LED strip light

LED strip lights are underrated because people often associate them with being tacky. This isn’t the case. Well-placed LED strip lights can look spectacular!

Want a soft orange glow for a movie night? Or perhaps a bold blue for the bathroom is in order? LED lights to highlight features and add that extra style to a room can elevate a home.

They are easy to install and remove and usually can be plugged straight into a plug socket – meaning they are ideal for those who want low-effort solutions that can be done in a day. They can even be used in places like the kitchen for under-counter highlights.

Go For Some Greenery 


People often want plants in their homes but find that looking after them is the main hurdle. But there are plenty of options out there that are fairly low maintenance. And plants are important not just for aesthetics but for air quality. Freshen up your rooms by having plants pump fresh oxygen into your spaces.

Common plants are succulents, aloe vera, spider plants, and other plants that don’t need special treatment.

If you choose a plant species that will flower, then it can be a nice addition to consider what colour they will flower with and match them to a room that’ll suit. This is a small detail but a detail that can make all the difference.

Choose Stylish, Seasonal Curtains


Many homeowners will get one set of curtains and call it a day. This is a mistake. Seasonal curtains are not only a great investment for efficiency but also for style. Nobody wants thick woollen curtains during the summertime – it looks strange and keeps the heat in (which is never what you want in the prime of summer).

Choose a minimum of two sets of curtains per room that match your different room styles – a thin set for summer and a thick set for winter. Doing so will give you all the benefits of heat insulation during winter and heat dissipation during the summer.

It can also liven up your living spaces by keeping things fresh. Switching our curtains every six months can keep your rooms feeling new (which is never bad).

To Conclude

There’s a lot of advice on what is good for home and what isn’t. Just be sure that when you start committing to purchases to improve your home design, they are for you. Advice is wonderful and can point you in the right direction, but at the end of the day, you are the one that’ll be living with those purchases! Make them the right ones.

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