5 Reasons Why A DUI Lawyer Is Necessary For An Arraignment

Driving under the influence is never advisable. However, it may happen to you sometime in life. When people get charged for driving under the influence, they panic and make terrible decisions. Some people bring the wrong type of lawyer to court. Sometimes, these people don’t even show up, complicating the issue further.

DUI Lawyer

One of the best things to do is to bring a DUI lawyer in for your arraignment. Here are five reasons why a DUI lawyer is necessary for an arraignment. But before that, it is essential to know what a DUI lawyer is and what they do. 

In states like Florida, DUI checkpoints are a common method used by law enforcement to catch impaired drivers. It’s crucial to understand how Florida DUI checkpoints operate, as they can significantly impact your case. This knowledge is just one of the many areas where a specialized DUI lawyer can offer invaluable assistance.

What is a DUI Lawyer?

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When many people hear the term “lawyer,” the first type of lawyer that pops into their minds is the one that helps to convict or defend criminals. However, there are countless other lawyers that people equally need to simplify legal occurrences. One of these lawyers is the DUI lawyer.

For those who don’t know, DUI means driving under alcohol, and it happens way more than you may think. Every day, roughly twenty-eight people in the United States die due to drunk driving and crashing. 

Technically, these lawyers are criminal defence attorneys specializing in defending people accused of DUI. Many people hire these lawyers to defend them in court and get the nicest possible sentence. Without anyone to help them plead their case, most convicted people go to jail, lose their license, or both. Although your lawyer will handle most things, you still need to learn how to beat a DUI.

5 Reasons Why A DUI Lawyer Is Necessary For Arraignment

Now that you know what a DUI lawyer is, here are five reasons why a DUI lawyer is necessary for an arraignment. 

A Lawyer Knows How It Works

Chances are, a lawyer knows how this works. More often than not, your case will not be their first rodeo. They would have seen this happening countless times, which is why they would understand how exactly they can help you. 

Some people would only need some little tips on how to plead their innocence, while others would require a bonafide lawyer to step in and take control of their case. They also know how to present your case in the best light possible. In this type of case, experience is what matters the most. 

A Lawyer Eliminates Bias

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DUI cases aren’t always fair. Most judges and juries are biased, seeing the action as dispositional rather than occurring due to situational factors. If you want to reduce this bias, it would be best to get a lawyer to help you plead your case.

Unlike most people, attorneys understand that not all people charged with DUIs are bad. Sometimes, they might just accidentally be on the wrong side of the law. Fortunately, these lawyers also know how to convince other people that you’re not a bad person or criminal. You have to remove the bias behind DUI cases if you want to win in court. 

A Lawyer Helps You With Paperwork and Evidence 

Paperwork and evidence are vital things you would need to win a DUI case. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to prepare evidence and the necessary paperwork. Only a few even bring the evidence and paperwork needed to court.

An attorney will help you do that. They know exactly what evidence you need to win your case and what paperwork is required. Frankly speaking, the amount of paperwork you would need for a DUI case is quite a lot.

For example, the police dashcam video is a piece of evidence you don’t want to go to court without. If you don’t request it fast, it could be erased as they routinely delete footage to allow the device to store even more footage.

A Lawyer Knows How To Select A Jury

Jury selection is essential, and selecting the wrong people can harm your case. It is also crucial for the prosecuting side.

These helpful attorneys make sure that the people who would hear your case are people that can relate to you. They do this by checking jurist profiles and selecting the best ones. Although you may think this is easy, it takes quite a lot of time and good decision-making skills to get it right.

You may think you’re picking the right people, but you are way less likely to know who can harm your case and who can help it.

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Sometimes, there’s no escaping a sentence. Sometimes, there’s no way to win your case. In that instance, you would need a lawyer who would try to get you the lightest sentence. Do it yourself, and you may find out that the judge has given you the harshest sentence possible.

If you’re lucky, you won’t have to go to jail. Instead, you would need to go through an alcohol treatment program. You could also get community service for a few days. Getting an attorney is crucial, as they would also advise you on the best course of action to take. 

No one wants to go through a harrowing court experience. Some judges can be mean and unforgiving towards you, so you would need an attorney. Getting out of harsh sentences can be pretty challenging. Thankfully, the above are five ways lawyers can smoothen the process. 

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