Jonah Engler – How To Heal From An Abusive Childhood

There is a very famous saying, “Hurt people, hurt people,” which is called upon whenever someone with a tough childhood projects their anger towards their loved ones who are presently a part of their life. This statement holds merit and importance because it couldn’t be more accurate in the current day and age. Many people feel broken and think that they cannot heal from their childhood.

Suicide in America has never been higher, and researchers have pinpointed childhood abuse as a significant cause. Abuse in childhood can stem in several ways. For example, a parent’s mistreatment towards you, or because of the neglect faced by your primary caregiver may make you feel broken. This is one of the worst feelings in the world.

How To Heal From An Abusive Childhood

abusive childhood

However, it isn’t the end in this article; Jonah Engler guides you on what you can do to heal from your abusive childhood and move on to a healthy and prosperous life. Therefore, the following are the most valuable tips.

1. Heal By Going To Therapy

If you want your healing process to being and wish to let go of the abuse you suffered, whether mental or physical in your childhood, then Jonah Engler believes the first step you should take is to ask for professional help by going to therapy.

Even though we are entirely aware of the stigma therapy carries even in 2022, it is the quickest way to become content with yourself for a large demographic of males. Therapy ensures you openly address the problem at its root cause, and when you can do that, only then can you expect to be fully healed.

2. Close-Knit Support System Can Help You Heal

Another way Jonah Engler believes you can start the healing process from an abusive childhood is by forming a close-knit support system when you can. Whether they are your family members or close friends you have made, you need to be more open to finding people with whom you can share your trauma more openly; when you do this, you will begin healing.

3. Learn It Wasn’t Your Fault & Be Content With It

ow To Heal From An Abusive Childhood

Many people who suffer abuse as children feel they can’t heal because their mind convinces them that they were at fault – or worse, believe that they deserved the abuse. Abuse has such a strong mental hold on people that it forces them to blame themselves for it.

However, the truth cannot be further from it; whether you decide to go for therapy, seek medical treatment, or talk it out with your support group, you need to learn to accept that what you suffered wasn’t your fault. The day you start learning and accepting this is when you will start to heal.

Final Thoughts

Childhood abuse is real, and unfortunately, many people experience it. However, through this article, Jonah Engler has tried to let you know that you don’t have to let it define you. Hence, we have explained how you can heal from it and move on in your life to live a purposeful life. Go through it and tell us in the comments section if you know another way to heal from an abusive childhood.

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