5 Good Reasons to Use an Antimicrobial Hand Protector

In 2003, the world was thrown off-kilter by a respiratory disease called Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), caused by the virus SARS-CoV-1. Upon its discovery in February, the disease spread across the continents and sickened more than 8,000 people. The disease—whose symptoms included high fever, malaise, diarrhoea, rigours, cough, and in severe cases, respiratory distress—was spread through person-to-person contact and person-to-surface contact of infected droplets. The history of the 2003 SARS pandemic seems woefully familiar now, thanks to the spread of its more insidious cousin, the SARS-Cov-2. But technologies developed to combat the SARS outbreak 17 years ago may actually bolster our fight against the present pandemic and those that will emerge in the future.

5 Good Reasons to Use an Antimicrobial Hand Protector

One important example of a product that uses tech from the SARS outbreak era is  Ghluv antimicrobial protector for hands. It’s a piece of techwear with antimicrobial properties built in, courtesy of the award-winning Swiss textile technology HeiQ Viroblock. The HeiQ Viroblock technology was first used in the midst of the SARS outbreak, and today, it is also being used in a range of medical supplies, including face masks, gowns, and curtains.

Along with regular hand hygiene and sanitation practices, the use of Ghluv antimicrobial hand protectors can help users avoid getting sick, in addition to preventing the spread of diseases. Here’s a brief on what an antimicrobial hand protector can do, and five reasons why you should consider getting one of your own.

It Kills Germs Upon Contact with a Contaminated Object or Surface


Ghluv’s uniqueness as a product is anchored on HeiQ Viroblock technology, which means it is actively treated with this proprietary treatment to inhibit the spread of pathogenic organisms in ways ordinary fabric can’t. The answer lies in HeiQ Viroblock’s use of silver nanoparticles and fatty spherical vesicle structures. Silver nanoparticles are already known to have strong antimicrobial qualities, owing to their ability to “suffocate” bacteria and viruses quickly. Fatty spherical vesicle structures, on the other hand, can actively target and destroy the lipid membrane enveloping pathogens—thus effectively rendering them impotent. The HeiQ Viroblock textile treatment in Ghluv’s antimicrobial hand protectors uses both technologies to great effect.

What this means to those who will get antimicrobial hand protectors of their own is safer contact with potentially contaminated objects or surfaces. Thanks to the pathogen-killing properties of this garment, you’re less susceptible to being infected through contact with such objects or surfaces. When you must handle a surface that may be rife with germs—for example a metal handrail or a public touchscreen— the hand protector will serve as a barrier between your hand and the thing you will be touching.

It’s Better Quality Protection than Gloves or Shirt Sleeves


Textiles are normally a fertile breeding ground for pathogens, especially after they’ve made contact with a surface where these organisms can live for a long time. And though you may mean to protect your hands by wearing gloves or pulling your shirt’s sleeve over your hands, it may defeat the purpose. The pathogens may still linger on your person by the time you come home from a public place.

An antimicrobial hand protector has an edge over ordinary hand protective gear. When you’re wearing it, you can be sure that it will prevent the re-transmission of pathogens from the contaminated surface, to the fabric, and on to another object or person. That makes it a much better alternative to using fabric gloves or sleeves. Moreover, it’s non allergenic, unlike some latex, nitrile, or vinyl gloves.

It Supplements Established Hand Hygiene Practices

Hand Hygiene

Using antimicrobial hand protector is not the only preventive measure you should take against the spread of diseases. Experts still uphold proper hand hygiene and disinfection of surfaces as the most efficient ways to reduce the spread of germs. Wearing a hand protector is by no means a replacement to either of these.

However, a product like Ghluv can work in perfect unison with these recommended hygienic and sanitary practices. Having one for yourself will get you into the habit of avoiding germs, whether that’s by adding an extra layer of protection for your hands, handwashing, or sanitizing the things you use. It will bring an awareness of safety and health to the front of your mind instead of leaving them to the back.

It’s Very Convenient


Another great thing about Ghluv’s antimicrobial hand protector is that it is very convenient to use. It’s neither heavy nor bulky, and it can be brought anywhere. You can slip it on and off as necessary without making any strenuous, time-consuming movements.

It won’t be difficult to keep the garment clean, either. It’s washable and it will dry fast. You can clean it and reuse it without worry that it will stop performing within its recommended product lifecycle (up to 30 washes).

It’s Simple, Discreet, and Perfect for Ordinary People

Oridinary people

Though face and hand protection are recommended for when you leave home, overly bulky, flashy, or ostentatious wearables may not be appropriate to wear in every setting and on all occasions. Full PPE suits, face shields, and silicone gloves are best reserved for those who need them in hospitals. For ordinary individuals and everyday applications, simple protective gear are best.

If you don’t want to draw a lot of attention to yourself but still want to stay careful, go for an antimicrobial hand protector. Few people will take notice of you pulling it over your hand, and it won’t be the cause of unnecessary panic or paranoia. All the same, you will have a small, but significant part to protect yourself and others.   


In times like these, it’s easy to succumb to fear and think that you have no control over your circumstances. But an important lesson to learn from SARS-CoV-1 and the past SARS epidemic is realizing what you actually do have control over. One of those is your daily living habits. Examples of habits you can foster are being more aware of your environment, avoiding risks, and being more considerate about people’s health.

An antimicrobial hand protector like Ghluv’s will give you a fighting chance against the spread of viruses like COVID-19. But to maximize what it can do for you, you need to stay informed about other best health practices, and you need to practice them consistently. Here’s to wishing all-around protection from disease for you, your family, and your whole community.

Here’s a brief on what an antimicrobial hand protector can do, and five reasons why you should consider getting one of your own.

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