5 most common mistakes injured workers make

Worker’s compensation laws embody your right to financial, medical, or the reassurance of both in case of an injury while performing your job. However, many workers can make common mistakes owing to a lack of understanding of the process and the eligibility criteria. Additionally, companies create many hurdles and hoops for you to pass for its eligibility. With deadlines, paperwork, and physical and emotional pain to handle side by side, many workers can easily make missteps. You can avoid making the same common mistakes by consulting trustworthy and experienced lawyers like the ones at Franks Gerkin Ponitz Greeley. Continue reading about the 5 most common mistakes injured workers can make, which you can avoid!

5 most common mistakes injured workers make

Not Reporting the Injury to Your Employer

Since this injury occurs while you are on your job, it must be reported to your employer as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many people would either not report their injury or delay reporting it, making the incident appear as not that severe and can impact your worker’s compensation benefits. Therefore, you should notify your injury of your employer as soon as possible. Some employers might even ask for a written incident report, which is also a suggested reporting method.

Not Hiring an Experienced Worker’s Compensation Attorney

5 most common mistakes injured workers make

Many injured workers hesitate to hire experienced worker’s compensation attorneys who have navigated the process before due to either lack of understanding or affordability. However, the right attorney is exactly what you need to handle the pile of paperwork of this process correctly, know where you sign your name, avoid irredeemable manipulation by companies, and ensure maximum compensation.

Accepting Any Settlement from your Employers

Even when workers tread this way, many accept the first answer or any settlement from their employers. It is better that you do not settle until you acquire what you rightfully and legally deserve because there is a high possibility the initial answers and settlements do not reflect properly what you are truly entitled to legally. Therefore, regardless of whether the compensation process takes time or not, you should not at any point accept compensation that you do not deserve.

Receiving Inadequate Medical Care

Medical care

The whole point of receiving worker’s compensation is to make your injured phase better with maximum benefits. If you receive inadequate treatment, especially from a pre-approved doctor, not only do they not have your best interest, but the treatment can also downplay your injury hence making your compensation benefits unwarranted. This is also why it is crucial to hire an experienced worker compensation attorney for better recovery.

Returning to Work Early

Finally, one of the most common mistakes workers make is returning to their work too soon when employers are legally required to call you back as your doctor recommends. By returning early, not only do you sabotage your compensation benefits and jeopardize your job but also risk incurring more injuries, especially when the current injuries have not adequately healed.

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