5 Design Tips To Help You Position Paintings Correctly

Art brightens up a room and adds a personal touch to any space. Artwork such as paintings, prints or photography are crucial for tying together the interior design of your home or office – however, randomly hanging paintings all over the place is not the solution.

You need to ensure that the paintings are in alignment with the overall décor of a room and that they reflect the selected theme instead of breaking it. Paintings only look good when they are placed strategically and in order.

Here are the top 5 design tips to help you position paintings the right way.

A room filled with bright coloured mats and furniture is not the right place for equally colourful and vibrant paintings. Using pastel colour paintings will accentuate the overall look of a room filled with bright furniture. Similarly, if a room has neutral shades, then adding vibrant paintings will give the room a welcoming and cheerful appearance. If the paintings you like are also light, then putting them in colourful frames will do the trick.

Colourful Paint Pots

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  • Hang Paintings at Eye Level

When designing a place, people often make the mistake of hanging paintings too high or too low. For a piece of art to be appreciated, it needs to be at eye level so as to capture the attention of the viewer. The trick is to hang your paintings at a height which doesn’t require people to strain their necks or look down when observing the artwork.

Bathroom Art

However, when designing a room which is mostly going to be used for sitting, you should hang paintings a little lower to keep them at eye level.

  • Hang Paintings In a Grid

If you want to put up several medium sized paintings to decorate a larger area, then making a symmetrical grid is recommended. While hanging up the paintings, make sure that they are 2 to 3 inches apart and that all the separate pieces combine together to make one strong statement.

Scandinavian Style

If the paintings are similar in size, then try to hang the darker ones in the centre. This will create a gradient effect which looks artistic and elegant. Similarly, with paintings of different sizes, always remember to hang the larger ones in the centre.

  • Create a Mock Setup for the Room

Instead of immediately hammering in a nail on the decided spot, lay all of the furniture and paintings out without fixing anything to get an idea of the overall look they will give, or you can easily access an online interior design room planning tool to make things easier for yourself. This way, you can move the pieces around until you are satisfied with the results. Using a light marker to save the final positions will help you fix the items at exactly the intended spot.

  • Consider the Width

Putting up a painting that is smaller than the furniture it is hanging over is an unwritten rule of interior designing. The general rule is that the painting should be about 75% of the width of the furniture.

Interior Design

The tips discussed here will assist you to correctly position your paintings and put together an aesthetically appealing décor.


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