5 Common Health Issues In Dogs: By Leading Veterinarians

No matter how much we might hate it, health issues and complications are a natural part of our dog’s life. No matter what age a dog is at, it will experience some or other health problems. While almost all dog parents try their level best to ensure that they stay in utmost comfort, certain issues are uncontrollable. 

Health Issues In Dogs

The health of our dogs is something that does not stay constant. According to leading veterinarians, it is important to always educate ourselves so that we may be able to treat them. We need to understand that, unlike human beings, dogs cannot voice their health concerns. This makes it difficult for us to understand if our beloved pet dog is not feeling well. 

In this article, we take help from leading veterinarians and ask them about the five most common health issues in dogs. We do not discuss any major illnesses like cancers. The article intends to educate dog parents about the common day-to-day health issues they need to watch out for. 

Signs and Symptoms that your Dog is Unwell

While dogs cannot voice their concerns, they let us know through significant signs. As pet parents, we should always be on the lookout for such signs and symptoms- 

1. Drop-in Energy Levels and Increase in Sleep Hours

Every dog parent will attest to the fact that they are high-energy beings. Their jumping around, being naughty, and always wanting to play are things we love and adore. However, when they have an illness, they show it with a drop in their energy levels. They start sleeping more and tend to look drowsier. If you notice something like this, take the dog to the vet immediately. A drop in energy levels is a sign of Hypoglycemia which is one of the common health problems for Yorkies.

2. Limping motions, avoiding the stairs, and not chasing

Most dog breeds love to play fetch. They want to always keep running around, climbing stairs, and jumping on furniture. If you spot that your dog is trying to avoid its weight on one of the limbs, there might be an issue. If they seem disinterested in running, or their walking speed is slower than usual, they might have hurt themselves. This is a sign you need to watch out for. 

3. Diarrhea or changes in stool consistency- 

While the above two signs might be physical, there can be signs that can show you something wrong with digestion. Noticing the quality of the stool can shed a lot of light on stomach or digestion problems. If the stool is too runny, you know that there is something wrong. You can make your house a complete mess if your dog suffers from digestive disorders or voiding incontinence. Luckily, there are leak-resistant diapers and belly bands for dogs to help. The diapers will also come in handy when you bring your pets to the vet. If the dog is defecating more than usual, it should sound an immediate alarm. 

4. Loss in Appetite, Vomiting and Eating Grass- 

A lot of dog breeds are highly food-driven. They tend to enjoy food and want as much of it as possible. If you notice your Labrador or golden retriever not eating, you need to take note. If the dog is vomiting after eating food, he or she might be suffering from some illness. Make sure to take them to the vet and get them treated with antibiotics at the earliest. 

List of 5 Common Health Concerns in Dogs according to Veterinarians

Health Issues In Dogs

1. Sinusitis

While our furry friends always seem to have a wet nose, excessive dripping, watery eyes and sneezing might be signs that they are suffering from sinusitis. You might be surprised but a dog sinus infection is very common. It affects them much in the same way it affects humans. 

2. Obesity

Obesity is something that should be addressed strictly. Even though we might fall prey to those puppy eyes, we need to ensure that our dogs do not get obese. Obesity can lead to several health complications like diabetes, hip problems. Make sure the dog walks and runs appropriately. 

3. Ear Infections

This is another common health concern in dogs. As they tend to enjoy playing in the mud, or on dirty puddles, they can suffer from routine ear infections. The dark brown wax build-up, shaking the head excessively are all signs that point to an ear infection. 

4. Dental Decays

Dogs can suffer from teeth and gum problems just like human beings. There are several dog toothpaste and brushes available in the market. Make sure to brush your dog’s teeth at least once a week. While they might not like it, you need to do it for their dental health. 

5. Skin Allergies

Noticing allergies beneath their dense furs is not easy. You need to check for your dig scratching or biting its skin in different positions. Skin allergies can happen due to an adverse reaction to a new food brand or getting excessively wet during the rainy seasons. 

The Bottom Line


There are a lot of over-the-counter medications that you should be stocking in your house. If you think that your dog is in pain, you should take them to the vet immediately. Avoiding signs is not a good idea according to the experts. It does not matter whether you are a first-time dog parent or a seasoned one, the reality is that your friend might get sick. 

5 Common Health Issues In Dogs: By Leading Veterinarians 1

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