4 Ultimate Tips to Handle a DUI Charge

You will find this ultimate helpful guide if you have been charged with drunk driving. It runs through all the best information to handle your charge, such as hiring good legal representation, like MassTsang Toronto DUI lawyers, getting bail immediately, and not watching what you say to the police officers. Read ahead if you want to learn more. 

1. Watch What You Say to the Police

DUI Charge

It’s smart if you can limit how often you speak to police officers. You might tell them something that will incriminate you further. Of course, this does not mean avoiding talking to them and not cooperating, as this could get you in even more trouble. 

You should watch what you say if you happen to cause an accident while you were under the influence or have been charged with your second or third DUI. 

2. Hire a Good DUI Lawyer 

The moment you have been arrested, it is important that you hire a good lawyer to represent you. Again, this is very important if you have been charged with your second or third DUI or caused an accident while under the influence – you have more to lose. 

Remember to look around before hiring a lawyer, as you want excellent representation. In my opinion, MassTsang Toronto DUI lawyers are the best. 

Be sure to research and find someone who specializes in your case too. For instance, if you are arrested for a cannabis DUI charge, you need an attorney with drug use experience too. 

3. Work on Getting Bail

You need to work on getting bail immediately too. You probably will need to hire a special bail attorney for this. Once again, do your research to find the best person for the job. 

If the judge doesn’t think you would leave town, you will probably be granted bail. But remember that you possibly would have to pay a large sum to get released.  

You can increase your chances of getting bail by leaving security with the court, like your passport or surety. 

4. Create a Strong Defence

Defence lawyer

You need to work with your lawyer and create a good defence. Now, there are certain instances where you can get the DUI dropped, like if the police officer had no reason to check your vehicle in the first place. 

But also, you can prove your innocence if you can prove that the breathalyzer they used was faulty or if the alcohol reading was from some external factor. 

If you have any friends and family in the vehicle that can contest that you weren’t drinking, this would be smart too. 

Final Thoughts

There are several tips and tricks and things you can do when you are charged with drunk driving. Probably the best has to be finding a good lawyer to represent you. Do your research when searching for the best Toronto DUI lawyers to find someone experienced. 

Also, be sure to take your time, create a defence, and not speak to the police unless you have to. 

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