4 Things You Need To Do When Planning a Move

Planning a move can be challenging, requiring diligent tasks, careful organization, and attention to detail. Whether you are opting for a long-distance move or moving within the city, the process demands time and effort to make the transition smooth. 

People move in and out of cities and suburbs for various reasons. As per Fox 5 New York reports, New Jersey witnessed more people moving out of the State in 2022, with 67% outbound, down from 70%. On the other hand, New York witnessed people moving out during the pandemic, with 62% outbound moves. The main reasons for the moves included lifestyle changes, retirement, and cost of living.

Such a massive influx of migration is inevitable. With the constant changes in the modern world, people are constantly moving in and out of cities and states for various reasons. It calls for staying updated with the tips and tricks to make your move as seamless as possible. 

Things You Need To Do When Planning a Move

Therefore, let us delve into some crucial moving tips to look out for in 2023. 

1. Hire a Moving Company

Packing up your life and house can be challenging. However, hiring a reliable local moving company can relieve some stress. In the bustling regions of New Jersey and New York, where fast-paced lifestyle demands reliability, efficiency, and professionalism, entrusting your moving needs to a reliable moving company is paramount.

A company that specializes in residential and commercial moves while offering storage for local, interstate, and international clients is what you need. Harrington Moving & Storage provides 360-degree moving services for New York, New Jersey, and its surrounding areas from Essex to Bergen and Morris County and beyond. Once you experience their expertise, you will likely return for further storage and moving needs or refer them to friends and family. 

The most significant advantage of hiring professional movers is that you can ensure the safety of your stuff until you are ready to unpack, especially when it comes to fragile or valuable items. 

2. Make a Moving Checklist

With so many tasks to undergo while moving, it is easier to manage everything by creating a moving master list. It will include everything you need to do systematically, category-wise, and time-wise, to plan your move more efficiently. It is also essential to start making a list early to align with your moving date. The list ensures that you remember all critical tasks. It acts as a roadmap for homeowners.

You can begin by assessing your specific requirements and timeline. Break more significant tasks into smaller manageable ones. For example, splitting tasks between “pre-moving,” “packing,” “moving day,” and “post-move” tasks can help organize the workflow. Set a realistic deadline for each task.

Next, please take into account any unique aspects of the move, whether it is a local relocation within New York or New Jersey or out of State. Specifying regional requirements such as obtaining parking permits or reserving elevator access in New York City is advisable. 

Moreover, to help create a budget, look for the busiest relocation times in New Jersey that may lead to a surge in the average cost of moving. Similarly, look for traffic patterns, building restrictions, and moving resource availability in the bustling city of New York. 

By diligently following your checklist, you can ensure peace of mind knowing everything is in order while experiencing a sense of control and structure amid chaos. 

3. Prepare Your New Place

Planning a Move

Preparing your new place – whether you are moving into one of these rooms for rent in london or a house in the city suburbs – is as essential as packing your old one. Besides, you may need to plan your packing needs keeping in view the structure of your new home. Moving into an already-prepared new house will save you time and resources.

The foremost thing to take care of is scheduling the utilities and other services like water, electricity, gas, cable, phone, internet, or other subscription services. You can do that by contacting relevant authorities to ensure that everything is functional before you move in. 

Next, change the locks and install a security system if required. It protects your belongings and provides control over access.

If you plan to undergo any remodelling projects in your new home, now is the time before you bring in your stuff. It is easier to remodel an empty house and ensure your items’ safety. Once it is done, you can start cleaning and sanitizing the place. It will spruce up the place a bit more. 

Your next task could be planning the furniture placement. You can do that by taking measurements of the new space and planning furniture placement for each room. It will also help you determine if you need to replace, refurbish or sell furniture. 

Lastly, notify relevant parties about your move and change your residential address everywhere it needs to be—for example, banks and insurance companies.

4. Declutter

Decluttering before you begin packing can make the move easier. Begin by eliminating any useless items and placing them in categories like “donate,” “sell,” “dispose of,” “recycle,” etc. It will let you get rid of items categorically. 

With the useless stuff out of the way, you can focus on the useful items. You can easily access and prioritize belongings that you need to bring with you. It also saves you time and money by not having to pay additional costs to move the useless stuff and the time required to pack them.

Moreover, it allows for a fresh start in your new home. It is an excellent opportunity to start with a clean slate.

Consider the 80/20 rule when decluttering. The rule states that we use 20% of our belongings 80% of the time. Keep this rule in mind when evaluating your possessions so that you can focus on items that enhance your lifestyle.

Furthermore, start decluttering room by room. It will make the process easier. It allows focus and steady progress. Alternatively, you can assign a room to each member of the household to declutter to make the process quicker. You can also ask friends or family for help, support, suggestions, or advice if it starts to feel overwhelming.


Moving can be an inevitable part of life. In the modern globalized world, you might experience moving from one place to another at least once in your lifetime and for various reasons. No matter the cause or the place you plan to relocate, you must keep some helpful tips in mind to ensure a smooth process.

By following the guidelines mentioned above on moving, you can ensure a seamless process from planning to preparation and execution. The key is to keep everything organized, adhere to schedules, and prepare everything in advance. 

4 Things You Need To Do When Planning a Move 1

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