A 4-step guide to ensuring a smooth commercial roof repair

A well-maintained and robust metal roof is an important aspect of your commercial building’s structural integrity. It safeguards your building’s interior from harsh weather and also helps with fire prevention. That is why the importance of immediate repair should not be undermined as soon as you notice the damage. 

However, there are times when several issues can damage your roof’s health. That also means it’s time to contact a commercial metal roof contractor.

But how to get started and how do things work? We talked to experts and put together a 4-step guide that will walk you through the steps to follow for the repair process of your metal roof. 

So without any further ado, let’s get to the tips. 

Step 1: Choose the Best Commercial Roof Contractor

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As there are a lot of commercial metal roofing contractors in the market, what qualities should you look for in a roof repair contractor? The simple approach is to do your research. Also, prepare a list of all the questions you have regarding the roof repair. These questions will come in handy in the further steps.

Below are 4 points to help you find a good contractor:

  • Check their reviews online  
  • Browse through the portfolio of their past projects
  • Ask for references.
  • Look at their certifications.

Step 2. Initial Assessment by the Contractor: What to expect?

Once you’ve finalised a reliable contractor, the next step is to schedule an initial assessment for your commercial roof repair. During this process, the contractor will analyze your roof objectively to determine the course of repair. 

Usually, the cost for the analysis is determined on a per square foot basis, because it is a detailed and time-consuming task.

There are 3 important steps as part of the initial assessment:

  • Collecting a core sample
  • Photographing the entire roof 
  • Calculating the remaining serviceability of the roof 

An experienced contractor will pay close attention to various details like metallic degradation, colour loss, etc. 

Step 3. Coming up with the Estimate for the project

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Once your contractor is done with the initial assessment of the roof, he will create an estimate for proceeding with the project. The contractor will use the assessment results and will come up with the type of repair needed and will specify the time of completion as well. 

The contractor can suggest either or all of the below-mentioned repairs:

Note: Expect a very detailed estimate of the recommendations to be provided by your contractor. That will include all the related costs, relevant material changes, and available options for the manufacturer’s warranties.  

Step 4: Making an Informed Decision 

The final step involves deciding on a course of action.

Your contractor will schedule a meeting with you to discuss the estimate they have prepared. Remember the questions you prepared before choosing the contractor? Now is the time to ask them, understand their responses, and then make an informed decision. Also, don’t forget to raise any concerns you may have. 

If you still don’t have an idea about the right questions to ask, you can consider asking the below questions: 

  • Do you have a license for commercial metal roofing repair work?
  • Can the repair be done on the existing roof, or does it need to be replaced?
  • What is the estimated time for this project?
  • Detail me about the warranties I will have on my roof
  • How to make payment for this project?

Once you have your answers, you can tell the contractor to begin the repair work. 

Final Words

The Roof is an important aspect of your building. You should take the necessary steps as soon as you notice any visible damage to it. Following the 4-step process above will enable you to choose a reliable commercial roofing contractor. With all the calculated decisions, you will feel confident about the roof repair process.

A 4-step guide to ensuring a smooth commercial roof repair 1

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