4 Creative Ways To Get Your Kids To Play Outside This Summer

The summer is quickly approaching, and if you’re like many parents, you’ll probably be searching for new and inventive ways to get your kids to play outside. In addition to keeping them occupied during their days away from school, time under the sun is also essential for their physical health and development, so getting them out there is important. If asking or demanding that they get out the door isn’t working, these creative ideas could be the trick.

1. Go Camping

4 Creative Ways To Get Your Kids To Play Outside This Summer 1

If your kids are like many youngsters, they may tell you that they’ve exhausted all the options for fun in the backyard, and some may even say time spent there is boring. If that’s the case, you may need to use different strategies to get them to spend more time outdoors.  You can make outside time more alluring by planning an adventure; a family camping trip is a great way to go. Start building excitement for the trip before the big weekend by shopping together for sleeping bags and the ingredients for s’mores. Be sure to get input about what to buy from the kids.

Then, plan all the exciting activities you can do as a group. In addition to the classics like building a fire, telling ghost stories, and fishing, you can also research the exciting trails in the area. Take a field book with you, and during the hike, have your kids identify the plants and animals they see and mark them down as a souvenir for the future. Take a few colourful leaves home, flatten them, and add them into a scrapbook that your kids can look at from time to time in fond remembrance of your time together.

2. Make The Outdoors More Comfortable

When your kids say they aren’t thrilled about spending time outside, ask them why. While some may feel like there’s not much to do, others may have specific complaints, like the sun’s too bright or there are too many bugs. If their complaints are along these lines, then you may be able to get them outside by fixing those problems. 

You can keep flying pests out of the picture by placing natural repellents in the backyard. What you use may depend on what’s in your pantry, but you can start by spraying lemongrass or coconut oil around the yard because these substances repulse bugs. You can also plant citronella in your yard or spray the oil extract. Either way, the scent disguises the foul odours that attract bugs to your outdoor areas.

Also, ensure that your yard is free of dangers so you can provide a safe environment for your little ones without sacrificing fun. You can keep your kids secure and provide some privacy by adding a sturdy fence around the yard’s perimeter so they don’t have to worry about prying eyes. If you have a playset in the yard, the fact that it’s in disrepair may keep your kids away, so check it out and fix it up so they can have fun outside.

3. Limit Their Screen Time

Get Your Kids To Play Outside

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A big reason why many kids don’t go outside as much anymore is because they have so many gadgets and video games inside that it is hard to peel them away. We need to limit screen time for kids because, in addition to keeping them unglued from a screen, staring at the TV or a phone for too long can hinder their sleep. Failure to play with other kids can stunt their development. As parents, you can set a good example by limiting your screen time, which can help you connect more with your kids and show them that there’s more to life than their phones.

Sometimes, the only way to get our kids off the couch is to implement daily screen time limits. During the summer, when there is no school, consider allowing a couple of hours of screen time in the morning when it may still be cold or wet outside. But after that, shut off the TV and bring them to the park or the forest preserve. 

Spending time away from screens is also a great way to cultivate stronger relationships as a family. By communicating with one another and spending more quality time together, you can help your children develop a strong sense of self-worth and improve moral development. So don’t hesitate to take in all that the great outdoors can offer as a family. 

4. Show Them How Much They Can Do

Many children may hesitate to go outside because they believe they’re limited in the fun they can have, but you can show them otherwise. Remember, your kids don’t necessarily need to run around and climb trees all day. Instead, they can do something simple like bring their favourite book to read in the sunshine or take out the metal detector and try to find some treasures.

There are countless outdoor family activities to enjoy, and there is something for every interest and personality type. They can enjoy a water gun or water balloon fight if it’s hot outside. You can show them how to paint rocks or colour eggs outside if they’re artistic. Sporty kids can fly kites or learn to do cartwheels. If your child has an entrepreneurial spirit, they could start their own lemonade stand. They’re only limited by their imagination, and you can provide fun ideas.

These are just a handful of ways to influence your kids to put down the tablet and go outside for some fresh air this summer. When in doubt, go outside with them and create family memories and new traditions that can carry on for years to come.

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