How to Digitally Disconnect to Become a Stress-Free Parent

Parenting is incredibly stressful. Add the constant need to be logged in on social media, plugged into our mobile phones, and enticed by our electronics every second, and that stress becomes even more apparent. 

How to Digitally Disconnect to Become a Stress-Free Parent 1
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So apparent that you may find yourself saying, “I’ll do anything to eliminate some of this stress.” 

Even a digital detox? 

Completely disconnecting from the digital world can help parents become stress-free. As a result, they’re more enthusiastic and engaged as a parent, partner, and person. However, doing a digital detox is difficult if you aren’t prepared for it. Luckily we can help. Here’s how to digitally disconnect to become a stress-free parent. 

Why Do You Want to Do a Digital Detox?

Almost any reason is a good reason to do a digital detox. However, to remain committed to your digital detox, it’s best to define your why. What do you want to get out of a digital detox? How will a digital detox help you become a stress-free parent?

Also, be sure to include your kids and partner in the brainstorming process. Hopefully, they’ll be doing the digital detox with you. So, you want them to define their why’s also so that they’re excited about what the detox can do for them. 

Furthermore, one of the best reasons to do a digital detox is to reengage and reconnect with your children. 

Reconnect with Your Children 

Many parents want to do a digital detox to become more available for their children. For example, your mind and heart are much clearer. Because of this, you can deepen the emotional connection you have with your children with more conversations and time together

It’s important to note, though, that although your children will participate in your digital detox to some capacity, they probably won’t disengage from the digital world entirely. Many use tech in school, and they won’t be able to disconnect from that. So, you’ll still need to take an interest in your children’s digital lives. Find a way to do so without it tempting you to reengage with the digital world. It’s still important to remain confident that your kid’s are staying safe online. That way, you can continue to build trust, communication, and transparency. 

Also, be sure to prepare things to do during your digital detox. 

Prepare Things to Do During Your Digital Detox 

One of the main reasons parents don’t do digital detoxes is that they aren’t sure how they’re going to fill the time. 

However, preparing some activities to do alone and with your family during your detox can help. Give your undivided attention to your family during this time to promote bonding. And make room for self-care and self-exploration to inspire personal growth and reduce stress.  

You could also incorporate giving back into your digital detox. 

Incorporate Giving Back into Your Digital Detox 

Giving back is a beautiful thing generally. There are tremendous benefits from contributing to nonprofits, donating to charity, helping the homeless, and immersing yourself and your family in other philanthropic efforts.

Incorporating giving back into your digital detox can help you fill the time with something meaningful. Hopefully, giving back will help you appreciate who and what you have in your life more. Bringing your kids and partnering with you to give back can also inspire them to understand the beauty of life and its people. 

Next, choose the best time for your digital detox. 

Choose the Best Time for Your Digital Detox 

After planning out your digital detox, it’s time to choose the best time to start it. First, consider all of your upcoming personal, professional, and family obligations. Next, think about how a digital detox will affect your and your family’s day-to-day. Then, choose a time where your family is most open, mentally and emotionally, to do a digital detox. 

In addition to choosing the best time to start your digital detox, you want to select an end date for it and create a plan for life after it’s over. 

Create a Plan for When Your Digital Detox is Over 

Unfortunately, without a plan for life after a digital detox, it can be easy to fall back into old habits that made you want to implement the detox in the first place. 

You can reengage with the digital world but do so with caution. For instance, reintegrate social media into your and your kids’ lives slowly. Put a daily time limit on how long everyone can engage on these platforms. 

It’s also a good idea to make it regular to put electronic devices on silent or out of reach when going to bed. Furthermore, keep up with the activities you were doing during your digital detox, like giving back, trying something new every week, and spending more time with your kids. 

Lastly, commit to your decision to disconnect digitally. 

Commit to Your Decision to Digitally Disconnect 

Your decision to digitally disconnect is a huge one. That alone is something to be proud of. However, seeing the digital detox all the way through can be challenging, especially when the entire family is participating. 

For example, many people don’t do it as long as they want to. Kids don’t fully detach from digital platforms like social media. Or parents may not have made thorough enough plans to keep everyone busy in times when they would otherwise be connected to their mobile devices. 

Your digital detox won’t be perfect, and that’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up if you stray from your plans. Instead, encourage everyone to recommit to the digital detox. Revisit initial goals and plans and dive in once again. 

All in all, a digital detox is what you make of it. 


Digitally disconnecting can absolutely help you become a stress-free, more engaged parent. Your digital detox will be less daunting and more life-changing by implementing the tips above. In addition, it positively impacts your relationships with your kids, partner, friends, and, most importantly, yourself. 

How to Digitally Disconnect to Become a Stress-Free Parent 2

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