What Are the 4 Best Health Insurance Plans in The Country?

When you want to secure your family financially and emotionally, you look for the best health insurance in India. Such a policy can provide coverage for several medical expenses. There are different kinds of health insurance plans available in India. Therefore, the selection of the right plan is crucial. You must research appropriately and compare several plans available before finalising the best health insurance plans in India.

Benefits of Health Insurance  

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The best health insurance in India provides comprehensive coverage to you and your family. Here are the key benefits:

  • Cashless treatment
  • Pre and post hospitalisation coverage
  • Transportation
  • Check-up facility
  • Pre-existing conditions coverage
  • Alternative treatments
  • Outpatient benefits
  • Preventive medical check-up

Types of best health insurance policies in India

1. Family health insurance:

Family health insurance covers all family members in a single premium policy with a fixed sum insured. But there are few critical factors to be considered before you buy the best health insurance in India for your loved ones:

  • Coverage offered by a family health insurance plan: 

When you are comparing different aspects of the policy, coverage is the primary thing. Most of the health plans provide daycare expenses with other charges like ambulance etc. Always check for the plans that support the addition of the baby as a beneficiary.

  • Flexibility in increasing the sum:

The cost of living keeps on changing. Hence, when looking for the best health insurance in India, choose the one that offers flexibility to increase the sum insured.

  • Renewal age limit:

Most of the companies offer policy renewal till 60 to 65 years of age. Currently, some policies are also offering a lifelong renewal facility.

2. Senior citizen health insurance: 

Senior citizen health insurance policies cover most of the elderly medical expenses. It includes some pre-existing conditions as well. The plans are specially designed for people above 60 years. For senior citizens, health insurance policies cover a wide range of treatments from hospitalisation to home. Some of the inclusions of these policies are

  • Hospital expenses: All the hospital expenses, including room charges, get covered under the plan.
  • Critical illness cover: The policy also provides critical illness cover as an add on.
  • Annual medical check-up: With the help of the policyholders can avail free health check-ups yearly.

3. Critical illness health insurance: 

Everyone needs critical insurance to cover long term conditions that need expensive treatments. Some of the best health insurance in India has critical illness riders. This policy provides a lump sum coverage amount. Some of the essential features of critical illness insurance plans are listed here:

  • Illness coverage: These plans cover more than 36 significant illnesses.
  • Lump-sum pay: The policyholder gets a lump sum payment to cover the treatment cost.
  • Claiming process: The claim process is simple and is based on the reports.
  • Waiting period: Like any other policy, critical illness insurance plans also have a specific waiting period.
  • Income loss: A part of the lump sum amount can be utilised as income replacement.

4. Corona Rakshak best health insurance India policy: 

This is a single premium insurance policy. Policyholders get 100% sum insured once tested positive and need hospitalisation for 72 hours or more. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India inaugurated this policy to ensure the safety of people without worry about expenses. Corona Kavach policy covers the cost of some consumable items such as gloves, masks, PPE kits etc. The policy is designed with a specific set of features to ensure a hassle-free treatment for the policyholder. Here are some of the unique features:

  • The coverage amount is between Rs. 50000 to 250000.
  • The policyholder will get a 100% amount.
  • Medical screening is not necessary before policy purchase.
  • Coverage is offered on an individual basis.
  • These plants do not have any deductibles.

These are the different kinds of best health insurance India policies available. It would be best if you chose a policy according to your individual and family needs. All types of policies provide tax exemptions according to Income Tax Act.

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