3 Ways Women Could Boost Their Sexual Health

Are you finding your current sex life a bit lacklustre? Do you long for something better or new? Maybe you have trouble finding that spark as often as you’d like. Many women suffer from weak or poor sexual health, seeking ways to have a more stimulating experience. Some find help by evaluating current life conditions and making changes. The following are three possible things that could impact your stimulation. Reflect on where you are now, and then consider changing your habits to see if improvement occurs.

1. Reduce Your Stress

boost sexual health

Do you want to have sex when other things are on your mind? Do you find that you’re constantly worrying about life rather than focusing on pure pleasure? Women tend to think about other people and the problems that they feel must solve during the day. Whether financial, personal or work-related, these concerns creep into the bedroom because you cannot entirely focus on the moment.

Learn to control the mounting stress, releasing it in positive ways. Are you worried about getting pregnant? Speak with a doctor about emergency contraception to alleviate that fear. Are you concerned about work? Discuss these thoughts with a therapist or friend. Pick up yoga, go for a run. Find an outlet that relieves how you feel.

2. Communicate With Your Partner

Are you bored? Do you find our partner just doesn’t quite hit the right spot? It’s important to let your loved one know that you require something different or new. Encourage open conversation about what works and what is a turnoff. Try to role-play. Go shopping together for outfits or fun toys. Discuss a fantasy you once had and try to make it come true.

In addition, be sure that you aren’t holding anything else back during the day. Pent-up feelings and other obstacles could interfere with your sex life. Are you angry about something from a few days ago? Are you not communicating about different issues in the relationship? These emotional bridges prevent complete togetherness and could minimize attraction or interest in the bedroom. One more important thing: do you know what erogenous zones of woman? It is important to know these factors to know which area to stimulate.

3. Increase Regular Exercise

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Working out could do more than bolster your muscles. Studies indicate that constant activity gets the blood flowing, builds your body and increases your libido. Strength training, for instance, tones and strengthens, but it also signals the release of hormones. Many women may not feel comfortable lifting weights, though. Does running or cardio do the same? Female athletes who work out for 20 minutes or more could experience a rush of blood to the genital area, triggering stimulation. If you’re looking for a bit of a sexual boost, then head out for a run before you hop into bed. 

Don’t get frustrated, and don’t feel like there is no hope. Your mental and physical state could be interfering with your level of pleasure. Talk to your partner and a medical professional about how you feel. Remain upfront and honest about what works for you and what isn’t bringing happiness. Then, together with finding ways to liven up your sex life. 

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