3 Ways to Protect Your Hair

When it comes to your looks, your hair is probably going to be something that you want to take good care of. It’s the most versatile part of your body, and it can allow you to express your own personality through colour, style, and design. Yet every single day we do things that damage our hair and make it much weaker or duller than it should be. To keep our hair looking, it’s best, here are some hints and tips on how to protect your hair.

Don’t Comb Wet Hair

3 ways to protect your hair

The idea of not combing your hair when it’s wet might come as something of a surprise – after all, it’s one of the first things most people are going to do when they get out of the shower; it’s all part of the routine. However, when you comb your hair when it’s wet, you are combing it at its weakest moment, and you are damaging it even though you probably won’t notice. There is far more chance of your hair breaking and of split ends developing when you comb it through when went.

Wait for it to dry (ideally naturally) and then use your comb or brush. If you’ve used adequate amounts of conditioner or your hair is healthy, you shouldn’t come across too many knots when you do it.

Don’t Shampoo Every Day

Wet Hair

We all want our hair to look as good as possible, and for many that can mean getting into the habit of washing our hair every day. The problem with this is that we are stripping our hair of the natural oils within it that build up to make it stronger. Your hair might become weaker and even fall out if you wash it too much. You can opt for a hair transplant from hshairclinic.co.uk if you find that you are losing too much hair or you want to boost the hair you have, but you will still need to reduce the number of times you wash it in a week.

Your hair may feel oily at first, especially after a few days, but eventually, it will start to clean itself, and you should only need to manually wash it once a week or so. It will look much better for it. 

Don’t Use Cotton Pillow Covers

Cotton Pillow Covers

You might not think that the linen you use each night to sleep on is doing anything untoward to your hair, but that’s not the case – if you use cotton pillow covers you could be doing a lot of damage when you sleep. Your hair can catch in the cotton and be pulled, making it frizzy or even pulling it out altogether. Even if it stays connected to your head, it will be much weaker.

A better alternative is silk; this won’t catch at your hair and is a comfortable fabric to sleep on too. Satin is another fabric that is much kinder to your hair, so this could be used if you prefer.

Every day we do things that damage our hair and make it weaker or duller. To keep our hair looking it’s best, here are some hints and tips to protect your hair.

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