26/365–Oooh SCARRRRY mmmonsters!!!

250111 009

Don’t worry I haven’t gone mad, I don’t think my daughter is a scary monster – though sometimes a little monster for sure!

Look at the way she is holding her hands around her mouth, this is her new “thing” – thanks to her big brother she has an obsession with all things Scooby Doo and what does Scooby Doo have a lot of?  Scary monsters!!  As soon as she starts to watch an episode she come up to me and in a very deep voice, holding her hands as above she will say “its got Scarrrrry mmmmmonsters in it” – she makes me laugh so much!

On a separate note, what do you think to her hair?  It doesn’t look like this anymore, I decided her hair looked too messy so I thought I would cut half an inch off, unfortunately she wouldn’t sit still so her hair is now about one and a half inches shorter!! Ooops!! I’m not actually a hairdresser but it doesn’t look too bad – perhaps that will be picture 27/365?

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