116/365 – Hangin’ with my sister!


This was another item we received yesterday to review for Fisher Price and it has been very well used already.  Beanie Boy has been bouncing mad in it and I think given half the chance Little Bean would be in there like a shot!

This is the Fisher Price Jumperoo and I shall be reviewing it in the next couple of weeks, so far its a big thumbs up but come back to see how it stands the test of time.

1 thought on “116/365 – Hangin’ with my sister!”

  1. We have one of these and Noah absolutely loved it…He doesn’t use it so much now though (or at all – it’s in the attic now!) because it doesn’t move anywhere and he hates being still! But he really loved bouncing in it – I have loads of hilarious videos of him in it squeeling!

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