10 Top Ways To Give Your Blogging Career The Best Shot At Success

Blogging is an increasingly popular career choice for millions of mums worldwide. And it’s not hard to see why. The chance to work from home and set your hours makes it a very practical choice for parents while removing the ceiling on possible earnings is great too. However, only a small percentage of bloggers will build a platform capable of becoming their primary source of income. This quick guide will look at some of the best ways to boost your hopes of joining this collective.

10 Top Ways To Give Your Blogging Career The Best Shot At Success

Give Your Blogging Career The Best Shot
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It’s important to remember that every blogging community member, including over 570 million people, is on a unique journey. So, you will need to find your path to success, which will likely involve some deviation from your planned route. Nevertheless, having a clear strategy for how you intend to maximise your hopes of success will serve you well. Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Find Your Writing Voice

Give Your Blogging Career The Best Shot
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Practice makes perfect, and you will become a better writer with time. Even before you have perfected your craft, however, you must learn to develop your writing voice. Without authenticity, it becomes very hard for readers to engage with the content. Furthermore, your blog would subsequently lack consistency concerning style.

There is a reason why people flock to blogs over news outlets. They want to read real content from real people. As well as writing in a style that feels comfortable, it would be best if you focused on a niche that you’re passionate about. Readers will subsequently find it far easier to resonate with the content. Your hopes of building a loyal following will become greater.

2. Know What Topics Perform Well

Writing with passion is essential, but you must also consider what readers want. Therefore, understanding the hottest blogging topics should form a key part of your research. After all, you can still put your unique spin and insight into those topics to provide fresh, value-driven content that readers love. You’ll have more fun writing it too.

A larger following opens the door to greater earning potential when blogging for money. So, while there will be an audience for virtually any subject, it’s worth thinking about ways to attract more people. However, it would be best if you did not allow chase clicks in a way that compromises the authenticity or quality of your content. Otherwise, readers will quickly lose interest.

3. Create Your Brand

There is a potential audience of over 4.5 billion people that the blog could potentially reach. However, the reality is that people will begin to form opinions about your blog before they’ve even read an article. If you are looking to build a community around your platform, you must create a clear and solid brand. Image is everything.

Using a blog name generator can provide great inspiration. Once you have the right name, it should help direct all other aspects of building the brand and supporting future content. Readers will soon follow suit when you are 100% clear about your blog. In the future, it will be very useful when the time comes to seek sponsors.

4. Build A Solid Website

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Knowing your brand is one thing, but presenting it is another. Your entire business revolves around the quality of your website. While the content itself is what will keep readers engaged, you must first master the design aspects. A website that does not load or navigate well will cause frustration. With so many options available, most users won’t accept inferior solutions.

Securing professional help with WordPress could be one of your smartest moves. WP is the most frequently used content management system (CMS). So, your visitors will have an added sense of familiarity. Similarly, you should register a domain name rather than use the subdomain with your WordPress account.

5. Learn To Utilise Social Media

While your site is the central focus of your blogging business, external platforms are great assets. They will attract more traffic to your blog. A strong social media following can also impress advertisers to unlock greater earning potential. Social media pages also provide telling insights about your reader demographics.

Better still, setting up social media pages is free, while posting on them is easy. As long as you know the dimensions of the images for your profile, you’ll gain a very professional look. It helps spread your content to a wider audience while you can also interact with readers on days when you do not intend to post new content. Perfect.

6. Post Regularly

One thing is encouraging readers to visit your site, but true success comes from loyal followers. Sadly, readers will soon stop visiting if your blog is never updated because they’ll have already consumed the content. While they won’t expect you to post as frequently as a news website, for example, a regular flow of posts is essential. 

How often should you post? That’s up to you. However, most bloggers would be advised to post at least twice weekly. You must stick to this routine if readers expect you to post on certain days. You can schedule your posts to be published at a later date. Getting organised in your approach to blogging with set writing times can help too.

7. Find Revenue Opportunities

Make money
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All of the above steps are ultimately designed to build a better blog. However, it would be best if you also created a strong business model. While Google Ads will generate some money, you’ll need a massive readership for it to be worthwhile. As such, finding other ways to generate revenue from the blog will be vital. Thankfully, there are a host of opportunities out there.

You can create sponsored posts or offer paid guest posts for brands. Alternatively, experts in print-on-demand merchandising could help you create a new revenue stream. You can see far greater results when accompanied by other advertising efforts, such as selling ad space on your homepage. This is especially true when you have a defined audience.

8. Create Diverse Content

As a blogger, you need to stay engaged with the content. Otherwise, your boredom will spread to the readers. Once you have lost that momentum, it can become very hard to claw back. Therefore, you must look for ways to keep your content fresh. One of the most effective solutions is to look at alternative media types.

Gaining assistance with creating a podcast or producing vlogs can work wonders. You’ll have more fun, be less prone to writer’s block, and can showcase your personality. It can also break down language barriers while opening the door for more ads and product placements. For many bloggers, this is the step that changes everything.

9. Partner With Other Creatives

When starting any business venture, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking it’s you versus the world. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. In fact, collaborative efforts with other creatives can be the key to unlocking your full financial potential. For starters, you can attract some of their audience as users can follow as many bloggers as they like. 

Likewise, your joint resources and innovations will create even better content. This can help you go viral and build a name in your scene. Once this happens, the size and loyalty of your audience will allow you to command more money from advertisers. The result is a more profitable blog that additionally evolves at a faster rate. Perfect.

10. Be Patient

Finally, it would be best to accept that success rarely comes overnight. It could take months for your blog to start generating a significant level of revenue. You may wish to start it as a side hustle while maintaining a job. Once success arrives, you can start to reduce your hours at work. This is before eventually completing the transition to full-time blogging.

10 Top Ways To Give Your Blogging Career The Best Shot At Success 1

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