How to Make the Most of Going on Holiday Without Your Kids

Going on holiday is typically a straightforward decision. Travelling alone is only thought to simplify things all the more. 

However, like in many other contexts, motherhood makes travel situations difficult to manage. This is especially true if your children are relatively young. How much will you miss them? Are you likely to worry the entire time and not enjoy your holiday? These can be tough situations to manage. 

Still, it’s possible to make the most of going on holiday without your kids. You need a quick change in mindset to make things work. Here’s a quick list of things you should do to help with these things. 

Don’t Feel Guilty

Holiday Without Your Kids

If you’re a mother, it’s only natural to want to be close to your kids as much as possible, especially if they’re very young. You shouldn’t try to suppress that yearning. 

After all, there’s still a lot of debate today about whether it’s okay for mums to go on childless holidays when necessary. While the answer is definitively a resounding ‘yes’, it’s also true that different mums will have different preferences, with varying boundaries on what they’re comfortable with. The trick is to figure out what works for you as you plan your holiday.  

Holidays typically last for a week or two, but there’s no need to commit to that timescale if it’s longer than you like. If your break is just a few days, it’s still worthwhile and can help you either rest and recharge or explore some of your interests. For the duration you’re away, you can also face time or ring your kids to stay in touch. 

Don’t feel guilty about your decision to go on holiday alone. Feeling that way can make the whole trip sour, and you may not enjoy any of it. Whoever you’ve left your kids with will manage, and you’ll be back home in no time. Try to gain a broader perspective and realise that your kids can probably get along just fine without you for a few days a year. 

Search for Adventure

A holiday without the kids should count for something. If you’re going off to relax, that’s valid, but you should consider having a rollicking adventure that you can enjoy at your own pace. 

Ski holidays are great for the whole family, but they can also be immensely enjoyable for everyone else too. Use the in-depth resources from Ski Line to have a look at France ski holidays you can afford. View a list of resorts and offerings, and look at their France ski resort guide for more information. Days of fine accommodation, mountainous surroundings, and fast plummeting could give your routine the shakeup it might need!

Of course, there are other options beyond skiing in France too. Things like walking holidays can perhaps be more leisurely but still explorative. Adventure holidays are an interest all of their own, so do a deep dive into it and see if you find something that resonates with you. 

By embarking on a more vigorous voyage, you can take your time learning new skills, get immersed in nature, and enjoy some fine accommodation in peace. These escapades provide a well-rounded experience, helping you meet new people. The duties of motherhood may be better dealt with when your life is energised and enriched by these events! 

Consider Flying Solo

Holiday Without Your Kids

Some mums will inevitably choose to swap their family for friends when it comes to their ‘me time’ holiday. While it can work out on some occasions, on others, things can blow up in one’s face. 

For example, one mother embarked on a weekend trip with her friend, only to find that the friend didn’t bring enough money to cover all her expenses. While it seems like idle gossip, these situations are real and more than just anecdotal fair. If you take others with you, there’s a good chance they will take away from your trip somehow. 

Going on holiday without your kids is rare and should be enjoyed only on your terms. You work hard for others back home, so this time needs to be sectioned out for you alone. Do your friends snore? Are your to-do lists likely to match? Is your friend organised in their life? How often do they complain about things? The answers to these questions can affect how much you enjoy your holiday. Consider playing it safe and travelling solo. 


If you’re going on holiday without your kids, don’t use it as a moment to be down on yourself. Seize the moment and treat the entire ordeal as one golden opportunity that may not always come around. Go looking for adventure, meet new people, and travel at your leisure and pace by setting out alone. Motherhood can teach you a lot about yourself, but so can walking the wide world independently and free, so keep that in mind in all of your escapades! 

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