070/366 – Riverside Beads Charity Dabble Day

I have always been a lover of crafts ever since I was a little girl, I have probably tried my hand at most crafts along the way and I love that my children all seem to share that similar interest with me. Today I took Curly and Little Bean along to Riverside Beads Charity Dabble Day at the local community centre.

The Dabble Day is a chance for anyone and everyone to come along and try their hand at the various different crafts on offer, you pay a fee according to how many ‘dabbles’ you want to try and then just sit yourself down at the tables and await instruction from the Crafters on hand to help you.


Little Bean disappeared with Nanna to try their hand at bracelet making whilst Curly and I made some Boofle Door Hangers. Curly was quite the dab hand at this, he flew through making his and I think his turned out best of all. Before I’d had a chance to finish mine Little Bean appeared and wanted to have a go at making one for herself. She knew exactly what she wanted to do and made it quite clear that she didn’t need my help.

Curly moved on to Needle Felting which is something I quite fancy having a go at although I am a little frightened of stabbing my fingers with the barbed needles. Thankfully Curly came home with all his fingers still in place.

Finally, Curly and I moved onto these cute little chick Easter cards. Curly said that he loves sewing but he gets very frustrated when he keeps pulling the needle off the thread. He ran out of time to finish his but we will be finishing it at home together when he is next here. Curly said that he loved his day so much he overheard some of the women talking about the Christmas Dabble Day and he really wants to go back to the next one too.

At the last count Riverside Beads had managed to raise approximately £600 for Sue Ryder at Thorpe Hall in Peterborough so well done to all those would-be crafters!! See you all at the Christmas Dabble Day!!

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