068/366 – My date with Boris . . .


Whilst Hubby was out for the evening and the children were nicely tucked up in their beds I decided to stick a DVD on and settle down to get some jewellery made. My evening was going really well until something caught my eye. I looked over towards the lounge door to see that I was being joined for the evening by a rather large and hairy spider.

Now I am NOT a love of spiders at all, I try my best to never kill them but at the same time I am far from happy to share a room with them. I tried to be brave and think of the best solution and so I took one of the clear boxes which I had to hand and decided that if I could place this over Boris it would keep him safe and me happy until Hubby returned home. The trouble was, Boris had different ideas to me. Boris decided to run under the table which houses the TV, DVD player etc and hide amongst the wires. I found myself the longest thing I could which happened to be one of Curly’s rulers and used it to try to encourage Boris out of his hiding place but it was dark under there and try as I might I just couldn’t see where he had gone. After 10 minutes of crouching on the floor hopelessly trying to drive out Boris I decided I would give up and move to a different room but then as I turned around, Boris was sitting at the foot of the sofa where I had been sitting earlier. He sure was one clever Boris that was for sure. I bet he had been having a good laugh at my expense watching me scrabbling around on the floor trying to find him, whilst all the while he was sitting on the floor behind me.

Thankfully his position now was much easier to target and so I managed to encourage him to move further out onto the open carpet and placed the box over him, but as I walked away I realised that this was obviously no ordinary spider I was dealing with here, no this was Boris Super Spider! So I took the extra measure of weighting down the plastic box with a vase, just in case he’d been pumping iron that day and managed to lift the box off himself before Hubby returned home.

Hubby had great fun laughing at my expense when he returned home! Could you spend the evening with a spider like Boris?

2 thoughts on “068/366 – My date with Boris . . .”

  1. you could have just slid a piece of card under the box to trap him and then carried him outside?
    I’m OK with spiders unless they suddenly appear very close to me, or drop on my head in bed (which has happened). But then I live in the countryside, so spiders (and really big ones at that!) are part of life here. Especially at harvest time!

    • I know but I just can’t bring myself to go near them, the thought of the card slipping and the spider running up my arm fills me with dread!

      When I picked Little Bean up from school yesterday they had caught one which made my spider look like an ant, I felt quite ashamed of myself!! 🙂

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