065/366 – My old friend . . .

Digital SLR Camera

This camera used to be my best friend, I would take it everywhere with me, that is until I discovered my Sony HX5V compact camera. Once the Sony came into my life I left my poor old SLR in a cupboard gathering dust until recently when I saw it looking all sad and lonely. I love cameras because they give me the ability to capture a moment in time, to help me recall that special look on my children’s face when they saw something for the first time or to take me back to a place I once visited and in time had forgotten about. How could I just leave my friend sitting in a cupboard for so long? Today I have taken my Lumix out of the cupboard and I have vowed that I am going to learn to use it properly (ie. I’m going to turn off the automatic!!!!) and hope for the best!

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