046/365-2013 – My poor baby

newborn blood tests

Just look at my poor baby, this is how he looked this evening after a trip to the hospital earlier today for further blood tests. He was having tests to check this thyroid function as a result of my underactive thyroid in pregnancy, then when we arrived at the children’s ward the nurses took one look at Jelly Bean and decided that they would also do a further jaundice test because they felt his colour hadn’t improved as they would have expected.

When Jelly Bean had the canula fitted by the Paediatrician two weeks ago, she was so gentle he merely whimpered as the needle was inserted but the nurse who tried to take his blood today didn’t find a vein first time, or second or third, it took her four attempts to get find the vein and in the meantime my poor baby was screaming until he was blue in the face. No-one wants to see their child hurting, least of all a new Mum. It’s bad enough when they have to have their first set of jabs but to sit and watch a nurse messing up time and time again was just too upsetting so I began to cry too. When the nurse saw my tears she handed over to a colleague who managed to find a vein first time. Jelly Bean cried so much he completely tired himself out and immediately went to sleep and continued to do so for the next 3 hours.

newborn blood tests

6 thoughts on “046/365-2013 – My poor baby”

  1. Bless, poor little chap. He looks so small and delicate, it’s heartbreaking having to see them go through anything like that isn’t it. Hope you are all doing OK x

    • It was extremely heartbreaking – I had blood tests today and was telling the nurse about his traumatic experience, she couldn’t believe that they had done that to him. Fingers crossed there will be no more needles (until jabs time!) x

  2. Oh sweetheart- I bet your exhausted too- I hope you’re managing to keep your health and energy. I hope they manage to resolve any concerns about JB. x

  3. We love you Jelly Bean xx. Next time, Bina, go with Emla & request a consultant anaesthetist or paediatrician…no crappy nurses for the boy. 🙁 We love you too Bina xx

    • Well hopefully there won’t be a next time but yes I will definitely be taking the Emla with me and asking for someone who knows what they are doing 🙁 x

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