014/366 – #socialtestdrive


Today the Mummy Matters family took a road trip to Hull to visit The Deep courtesy of @DriveLexusUK who delivered a gorgeous Lexus RX450 Hybrid to our house on Friday evening. @DriveLexusUK want to break down the stigma attached to test-driving new cars, you know the one – you walk into a dealership and straight away you feel the eyes fall upon you, assessing you, what you’re wearing, deciding can you/can’t you afford their cars.

Speaking as someone who has worked in motor dealers for a number of years I can say that for the majority of dealerships this is not the case but the stigma is there. @DriveLexusUK is making it easier for people to arrange a test-drive by making all the arrangements through Twitter and this is how we came to have such a beautiful family car made available to us for the weekend. The lovely team didn’t want us to simply drive the car around town to get a feel for it, they arranged for us to have a family day out which we thoroughly enjoyed and to make the journey that little bit more pleasant (as if we needed it in the super luxurious RX450) there was a gift box waiting for us on the back seat packed with books, crayons, sweeties, a cuddly toy and a digital camera for the children.

I shall be telling you more about ‘the car’ and ‘The Deep’ in separate posts but for now I shall just say ‘Thank You’ @DriveLexusUK we had a great time!!

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