Buzz Lightyear Action Figure

Buzz Lightyear

Fans of Toy Story just can’t seem to get enough of Buzz Lightyear, he has long been Beanie Boy’s favourite character. I sometimes think that Beanie Boy thinks he really is that space ranger and I’m 99% sure he could probably re-enact Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 all by himself he has watched it . . . → Read More: Buzz Lightyear Action Figure

Are you 'switched on' when it comes to your bills?

Household bills Infographic

A recent survey carried out by Santander has revealed that 26% of households interviewed don’t read their utility bills properly and a million households don’t read their bills at all.


Before the Beans came along we were pretty good at knowing exactly what we were paying for every household bill and where every . . . → Read More: Are you ‘switched on’ when it comes to your household bills?

It's time for a change . . .


You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting very much personal stuff recently.  There are a couple of reasons for that, one is that Christmas is coming and I have so many great products to tell you about in case you are stuck for ideas and the other is that I just haven’t been . . . → Read More: It’s time for a change . . .

Get Chicken Charades out this Christmas!

Chicken Charades

One of my favourite TV shows growing up was Give Us A Clue, I love a bit of charades because I love guessing games and the state that some people can get themselves into when trying to act out their prompt.  Chicken Charades is a fun twist on the classic game of charades because, yes . . . → Read More: Get Chicken Charades out this Christmas!

Disney on Ice gets Frozen!!

Disney On Ice Frozen

We have been lucky enough to see Disney on Ice twice now and have loved it both times. The Beans have always loved watching Dancing On Ice and we are huge Disney fans so Disney on Ice is a no brainer for us.  The magic literally starts the moment you leave your house and start . . . → Read More: Disney on Ice gets Frozen!!

Lenovo Miix2


We do love our tablet PC’s in the Mummy Matters household.  Personally I think they are a great starting point for the whole family from young to old because of their ease of access and handy size.

My new best friend is the Lenovo Miix2 which runs Windows 8.1.  I know there are mixed . . . → Read More: Lenovo Miix2

Escape to Cornwall in the School Holidays

Blue Monkey Cottages

Most families eagerly look forward to a holiday – but dragging the kids along on a long plane flight can be a daunting prospect! So how about taking a break nearer to home instead? Even more of us are choosing “staycations”, and Cornwall is top of the holiday pops, with its sand, sea, sunshine and . . . → Read More: Escape to Cornwall in the School Holidays

Something Special's Mr Tumble's Play and Learn Book

Mr Tumble Play & Learn Activity Book

What did we do before Mr Tumble graced our screens?  I almost feel like he is a part of our family now because he has been a favourite in our house for so long.  Just like his big sister and big brother before him, Jelly Bean now too is a big Mr Tumble fan.

KD . . . → Read More: Something Special’s Mr Tumble’s Play and Learn Book

Will you be watching Get Santa this Christmas?

I love the run up to Christmas with the Beans, we do lots of Christmas crafting, we drive around our local area when it’s dark to see all the Christmas lights on houses and in gardens and then we snuggle up under blankets in the lounge, close the curtains and watch Christmas movies.  As a . . . → Read More: Will you be watching Get Santa this Christmas?

Snap n Learn Alphabet Alligators

Alphabet Alligators

When do you think about teaching your children their ABC’s?  Is it from the moment they can talk?  When they start preschool?  When they start primary school? OR when they are ready??

Personally I think it helps to give them an understanding of their ABCs, to be able to sing the song and to at . . . → Read More: Snap n Learn Alphabet Alligators

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