5 Best Activity Family Holidays for Winter Sun plus reader discount!!


Have you ever dreamed of spending your Christmas wind surfing in Mauritius, or celebrating the New Year on a sunset cruise in the Caribbean? With an array of sports, activities and group fitness classes, Health and Fitness Travel’s luxury activity family holidays are the perfect way for you and your family to escape the routine . . . → Read More: 5 Best Activity Family Holidays for Winter Sun plus reader discount!!

Christmas Giveaway #2 The Hive

Barnabee Cuddly

If your little one is a Disney Junior fan then they are sure to have seen The Hive.  Well today I have a special Barnabee Cuddly Toy from Mookie for one special reader.

Now you can cuddle up with your very own Barnabee from Disney Junior and The Hive. Little ones get to have . . . → Read More: Christmas Giveaway #2 The Hive

Christmas Giveaway #1 Cloudbabies Book


With Christmas coming I like to be able to offer my readers a little something extra to pop in their Santa sacks so let’s kick it off with the Cloudbabies: The Colour of Sun book.

In this fun storybook based upon the popular CBeebies series Bobo White finds a brush and some paint, and . . . → Read More: Christmas Giveaway #1 Cloudbabies Book

Enjoying the great outdoors with Regatta


There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!

The best thing about Winter has to be Winter clothing right!? Providing you have the right jackets and appropriate footwear you can get out and enjoy the day just as you would in the Summer. We are very much an outdoors family, we . . . → Read More: Enjoying the great outdoors with Regatta

When Mummy Matters went behind the scenes on set for #MakeItMagic


If you had asked me just over 5 years ago when I started blogging what I thought I would be doing in 5 years time I can pretty much guarantee you that I wouldn’t have said “oh you know, just hanging out on set at the making of Philips new Christmas video #MakeItMagic” but that’s . . . → Read More: When Mummy Matters went behind the scenes on set for #MakeItMagic

Bingo! Mummy will stay-in today...


Phew, it’s one of those days, when you just want to lie down and forget all your worries for a moment. I know time is passing so quickly when I see my children growing up. I feel that their body is going through a sudden spurt and before I know it they will be heading . . . → Read More: Bingo! Mummy will stay-in today…

Check out the beautiful George Home Wooden Toys

George Wooden Toys

You already know that I am a fan of Asda, ever since the Asda Living store opened on the Brotherhood Retail Park in Peterborough it’s a really convenient place to shop, it’s a well laid out store and they really do have some great offers on to help your money go that little bit further.

. . . → Read More: Check out the beautiful George Home Wooden Toys

Buzz Lightyear Action Figure

Buzz Lightyear

Fans of Toy Story just can’t seem to get enough of Buzz Lightyear, he has long been Beanie Boy’s favourite character. I sometimes think that Beanie Boy thinks he really is that space ranger and I’m 99% sure he could probably re-enact Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 all by himself he has watched it . . . → Read More: Buzz Lightyear Action Figure

Are you 'switched on' when it comes to your bills?

Household bills Infographic

A recent survey carried out by Santander has revealed that 26% of households interviewed don’t read their utility bills properly and a million households don’t read their bills at all.


Before the Beans came along we were pretty good at knowing exactly what we were paying for every household bill and where every . . . → Read More: Are you ‘switched on’ when it comes to your household bills?

It's time for a change . . .


You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting very much personal stuff recently.  There are a couple of reasons for that, one is that Christmas is coming and I have so many great products to tell you about in case you are stuck for ideas and the other is that I just haven’t been . . . → Read More: It’s time for a change . . .

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