Why A Freestanding Bathtub Is the Perfect Addition to Your Family Bathroom

If you like taking a relaxing bath after a hectic day of work or want to bathe your little ones stress-free, consider installing a freestanding bathtub. These bathtubs are not only family-friendly but also stand out in a bathroom, making the bathroom look unique and stylish. In other words, these are suited for every family member and make your bathroom put a lasting impression on your guests and family friends. 

To get a feel of the bathtub, check out the Badeloft freestanding bathtubs, which include a collection of freestanding bathtubs of different shapes and sizes. But, before getting a sense of how the bathtub looks, let’s discuss the benefits of adding these tubs to your family bathroom.

Benefits of adding a freestanding bathtub to your family bathroom

Why A Freestanding Bathtub

Great for little ones

For families with multiple children, having a freestanding bathtub will be a great addition to the family bathroom. The freestanding tubs come in different sizes giving families plenty of room to bathe one or more kids at one go. Some tubs are large enough that can accommodate the parent and their children, who can bathe together. This way, the parents can give a comforting bathing experience to their children.

The other benefit of having a freestanding tub is it can be installed anywhere in the room, unlike traditional bathtubs. If installed in the centre of the room, the parent can easily move around the tub to give a proper bath to the child.

Comes with multiple installation options

Unlike traditional bathtubs which are usually installed against the wall, freestanding bathtubs are different. They can pretty much fit in any part of the bathroom. If you want to have space in the corners of your bathroom, it can be placed in the middle. If you have bay windows from where you can enjoy the view of nature, the tub can be placed near the bay window. If you like your bathtub installed against a wall, the freestanding can also be installed against the wall.

Offers a relaxing time

One among many other things an office goer enjoys after a day’s hectic work is to enjoy a relaxing bath. In this regard, the freestanding bathtub doesn’t disappoint. It comes in several material options, which are aesthetically pleasing and, at the same time, provide comfort. For example, acrylic and stone resin materials have excellent heat retention capabilities that allow for enjoying long warm baths. These materials accumulate heat inside, thereby providing a longer relaxation time. Besides this, these tubs are also easy to clean.

That said, some freestanding tubs also give massages. The tubs release water massages that give a therapeutic and relaxing effect. 

Makes the bathroom unique, looks elegant, and larger

Why A Freestanding Bathtub Is the Perfect Addition to Your Family Bathroom 1

If you have guests and want to impress them upon your bathroom, having a freestanding tub will do exactly that. Guests or family members, when visiting the bathroom, will not be able to take their eyes away from the bathtub. This is because it is different from the traditional bathtub and will immediately catch the eye of the visitor.

That’s one advantage. There are two other advantages of having them. First, if the tiles look elegant, it makes the tiles show off. Some freestanding bathtubs come with capabilities where the bathtub can be raised off the floor, which helps in showing off the beautiful tiles.

Finally, installing the tub in the centre of the bathroom makes the bathroom look larger. The traditional bathtubs that are installed against the wall cramp up the space around the corners. On the other hand, a freestanding tub in the middle of the bathroom provides space around the corners. When there is space all around the corners, it enhances the appearance of the bathroom.

Comes in different designs and colours

The traditional tubs are usually white and come in limited designs. On the other hand, freestanding tubs are available in a variety of designs and colours. You can either pick a bold colour that stands out from the rest of the colours of the bathroom or choose a colour that easily blends with the style of the bathroom.

When it comes to design, there are many options. You can choose a square-shaped tub, an oval-shaped tub, or a claw-foot bathtub that is raised off the floor. Having such varied options can enhance the bathroom aesthetically.


Having a freestanding bathtub in the family bathroom is a great addition because of its many advantages. From offering a relaxing bath, bathing kids at the same time, or enhancing the aesthetics of the bathroom, the freestanding tub does it all. Also, with its ability to fit in any place in the bathroom and the different design and colours that it comes with, it truly stands out from the traditional bathtub.

Why A Freestanding Bathtub Is the Perfect Addition to Your Family Bathroom 2

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