White House Interior Themes: Crisp, Clean and Classic

So, you’re looking to brighten up your home with an all-white interior theme. Smart choice. Nothing quite says clean, crisp, and timeless like an all-white decor. An all-white color scheme is a perfect blank canvas to build upon, allowing your space to feel open, airy, and bright. The key is to keep the white backdrop simple but layer in texture and depth with your furnishings and accents. Think plush white couches, fluffy white rugs, woven baskets, natural wood accents, and greenery. An all-white interior can be a dream if done right. In this article, DeCasa Collections will walk you through classic all-white interior ideas and tips for making your space shine. By the end, you’ll be ready to embrace your inner minimalist and go all in with an all-white color scheme. Your bright, airy oasis awaits!

The History of White House Interior Design

White house interior

The interior design of the White House has evolved with the changing tastes of each presidential administration. When the White House was first constructed, the style was neoclassical, emphasizing symmetry balance and using motifs from ancient Greek and Roman architecture. The rooms were fairly ornate, with patterned wallpaper, intricately carved wood trim, and dark, heavy wood furnishings.

Over time, the interiors have shifted to reflect popular decorating trends. In the early 1900s, Teddy Roosevelt redecorated in the Empire style, incorporating lighter colors, gilded accents, and plush upholstery. The Eisenhowers favored a simpler mid-century modern style with sleek lines and muted earth tones. The Clinton administration worked with interior designer Kaki Hockersmith to create interiors inspired by American heritage, using a bright, airy palette, rustic antiques, and handcrafted details.

More recent renovations have aimed to honor the historic architecture while opening up spaces and improving flow and functionality. The Obama family worked with interior designer Michael Smith to redecorate the private living quarters in a clean, contemporary style with punchy accent colors, modern art, and streamlined yet comfortable furnishings. Public rooms like the Oval Office and State Dining Room retain a more traditional style with patriotic color schemes of red, white, and blue.

With each transition in leadership and decor, the White House continues to reflect the spirit of the times while preserving its iconic stature in American history. Though styles may change, its timeless elegance endures.

Tips for Achieving a Crisp, Bright White House Interior

There are a few tips to keep in mind to achieve a crisp, bright white house interior.

First, choose a clean white paint. Opt for a shade like eggshell or ivory rather than a stark white. These warmer tones will make the space feel more inviting. Look for a paint with a matte or satin finish that hides imperfections better than a glossy sheen.

Second, declutter and minimize. A cluttered space will make even the whitest of rooms feel chaotic. Go room by room and clear out unnecessary knickknacks, clutter, and furniture. Store or donate anything you do not need or use regularly. Keep surfaces clear and only decorate with a few statement pieces.


Proper lighting is vital. Use natural light during the day by opening blinds and curtains. Add accent lighting for nighttime with recessed lighting, pendant lights, or table and floor lamps. Dimmer switches allow you to control the brightness for different activities.


Add texture with white furnishings and accents in various materials – think cotton, linen, nubby wool, rattan, seagrass, etc. This makes the space more dimensional and livable. Include plush white pillows, a chunky knit throw, a rattan mirror, or linen curtains.


Plants are a perfect complement to an all-white space. They add life and a splash of color. Choose plants with different leaf shapes, sizes, and variegation. Consider a potted Ficus tree in a corner, a row of succulents on a mantel, or a vine trailing from a hanging planter.

With the right techniques and accents, you can achieve a crisp, clean, and classic white interior that is warm and welcoming. Focusing on balance, quality, and minimal clutter will help highlight an all-white space. So go ahead, embrace the white, and make it bright!

Incorporating Pops of Color Into a Mostly White Scheme

White House Interior Themes: Crisp, Clean and Classic 1

Adding pops of color to an otherwise all-white space is a great way to prevent it from feeling cold or sterile. Here are some tips for incorporating color into your crisp, white interior design scheme:

Accent walls

Paint one wall in each room a bold, saturated shade for significant impact. Some great options for white spaces include navy blue, forest green, burnt orange, or plum. For the most prominent effect, choose a wall visible from multiple vantage points, like behind a sofa or bed.


Colorful art is an easy way to inject color into an all-white room. Whether you prefer modern abstract pieces, floral nature prints, or landscape paintings, choose a color palette with 2-3 bold hues that you want to accentuate in your space. Group several pieces on one wall for a gallery effect, or place single statement pieces on focal walls.

Decorative accessories

For an affordable pop of color, add decorative accessories like throw pillows, rugs, blankets, vases, or candle holders. Switch out white accessories for ones in your chosen accent colors. For example, place plum throw pillows on a white sofa, a navy blue rug under a glass coffee table, turquoise vases on a white console, and green taper candles in glass hurricane holders. These small touches go a long way in an all-white room.


Colorful seating is fantastic for creating a focal point in an all-white space. Options include armchairs, accent chairs, poufs, ottomans, and benches. Choose seating in the same color family as your accent wall or artwork for a cohesive look. A blue velvet armchair or teal upholstered bench would perfectly complement a room accented in navy and teal.

In this balanced, intentional way, adding colorful accents to an all-white space helps prevent it from feeling stark while allowing the bright, airy feel of an open, minimalist room. What colors will you incorporate into your crisp, white interior design?

Final Thoughts

White House Interior Themes: Crisp, Clean and Classic 2

So there you have it, a few timeless tips for achieving a crisp, clean, and classic white house interior. You’ll create a calming and cozy space by focusing on natural light, minimal clutter, neutral base colors, and natural wood accents. Mix personal touches with art, plants, or decorative items for warmth. Remember that the key is not to make the space feel cold or empty but relatively open, airy, and bright. A white house interior done right can make you feel peaceful and content each time you walk through your front door. Now pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back, and enjoy your new favorite room in the house!

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