Where to go on holiday in 2024?

Looking for where to go in 2024? This article gives you five must-see holiday destinations for this year. 

Whether you love hiking or pretty beaches, follow our guide to ensure you don’t miss out on any of 2024’s hottest destinations. And if you want to learn how to fight stress with CDB before travelling, click here.

holiday in 2024

You’ve probably already heard of the Cyclades. The best known are Santorini and Mykonos, but each has its own charm. There, you’ll discover charming villages with whitewashed houses and numerous blue-domed chapels (like the ones you’ve seen pictured on Greek yoghurts!).

There are currently several airlines serving the Cyclades from April to October. So you can fly there directly from many airports. What’s more, we regularly list good travel deals for Santorini. Feel free to click the link below to see if an offer is available.

Santorini and Mykonos are much less well served after November. It will then be easier to make a stopover in Athens to take another plane or ferry to connect them.

Once you’re there, if you want to visit several islands, several ferry companies will connect you to each island. 


If you’re looking for a country to go to in 2024 to enjoy the beaches, then Albania is the one to put on your list. There, you’ll find many stretches of white sand and crystal-clear water. What’s more, Albania has a number of mountains, ideal for hiking to discover the Albanian countryside. June and September are the best months to travel in Albania.

If you’re looking for a cheap destination to go to in 2024, then Albania is the ideal place for your next holiday.

What’s more, when it comes to accommodation, Albania is a very inexpensive destination. If you book a few weeks in advance, you’ll be lucky to find flats or hotels for as little as €15 a night.

The Lofoten Islands in Norway

Located in northern Norway, the Lofoten Islands have yet to become very popular with travellers. This makes them a dream destination in 2024 if you want to discover unspoilt places. The region is teeming with nature, and if you’re a keen hiker, you’ll love it. You can explore the islands’ many fjords on a road trip. Moreover, you’ll be enchanted by the many incredible landscapes: mountains, wild beaches and little red fishermen’s huts. To get there, you’ll need to make a stopover in Oslo. Afterwards, you’ll need to take another plane bound for Bodo or the Lofoten Islands directly.

The Azores

If you’re looking for a great hiking destination in 2024, the Azores Islands should be on your list. To get there, you can fly to Ponta Delgada or Terceira. However, there are few direct flights to the Azores. But you will find flights with a stopover in Portugal and return. Finally, there are ferries to most of the islands during the summer season.


Iceland is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in Europe to visit. Despite its location below the Arctic Circle, the country’s temperatures are not as cold as you might think. However, even if the climate in Iceland is not ideal, the country is full of exceptional places to discover once in a lifetime. You’ll find landscapes that you’ll rarely see anywhere else. On the programme: geysers, volcanoes, northern lights, geothermal zones, waterfalls, glaciers, lava caves, hot springs… If you love nature and love a change of scenery, Iceland is the ideal destination in 2024!

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