What to expect in a Sober Living Homes

Drug Rehabilitation and Living sober require commitment and is a lifelong excursion. For some, coming back to the same environment brings mental and/or physical stress, and risks their capacity to truly live sober. The risk of relapse increases significantly if the environment is toxic or encompassed in tragedy. Luckily, for people dealing with such problems, there are many alternatives to try and live a sober and happy life. Sober Living in Austin is one of those. These are transitional homes that ease a recovering person’s transition back into daily life. These provide people with a free, yet structured lifestyle that enables them to get back on their feet and feel dignified humans.

The Aim

Sober living

Sober Living Homes or SLH(s) are drug-free living environments. They aim at maintaining abstinence from drug (drug rehabilitation) use (use of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and such are not permitted to the participants) while slowly and surely transitioning a person back into mainstream society. These provide a safe place for recovering addicts to stay, get support, and structure to transform themselves. The person essentially learns how to build themselves from the ground up.

Structure and plans

Sober living homes generally lean toward a 12-Step Program or other recovery methods. The participants are often drug tested and a mental and physical health evaluation is done. The Sober Living Austin Texas then lays out a structured schedule of activities that the residents are to perform. Some of these activities focus on the financial and life-building aspect of being truly independent e.g getting jobs. Steady employment can drastically change a person’s outlook which in turn makes the person feel more dignified and responsible. Some of these activities focus on the bodily health of the person. Playing sports like football, soccer and baseball to name a few. There is always a gym on campus if that’s what the person wants to opt for and this can dramatically increase the resident’s confidence. Other activities focus on the mental aspect. weekly meetings are held, with professionals who assess the improvement in mental health over time. These professionals also actively help dissuade the resident from relapsing. Some Sober living homes also offer on-site medical care and are supervised by psychiatric nurses or social workers.


Sober living home

Different sober living homes have different requirements that a resident is expected to meet once you complete the treatment in drug rehab Austin Texas. These are the ones that are to be expected in any Sober Living Home. 

  1. Abstinence from alcohol, cigarettes, violence
  2. Active participation in weekly meetings
  3. Unscheduled drug tests.
  4. Employment or studies (college or schools)
  5. Involvement in the peer group at the SLH
  6. Participating in house chores and attending house meetings
  7. No formal treatment services but strongly encouraged attendance at 12-step self-help groups.

If you or someone you love is recovering from addiction and needs a safe, steady, and stable environment to grow in, Sober living homes are an excellent choice. SLHs have shown excellent results in the long-term recovery of addicts due to their flexible, yet scheduled structure. If there is a need for greater care for a recovery addict, SLH can contact drug detox Austin for their assistance as well. Sober Living Homes in Austin, TX  are especially affordable alternatives to other forms of rehabilitation methods.

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