What Strategies Can You Use to Sell Your Home ASAP?

Sometimes, things just come up where you need to leave your home ASAP. While those who are renting could either sublet their space, request the lease to end, or even keep on paying for rent, homeowners don’t have that ease. Sure, if a homeowner wants to get up out of the blue and move somewhere else, sometimes they convert their house into an Airbnb or even rent it out to tenants, but sometimes this isn’t possible or simply can’t be done in general. 

For everyone, every homeowner, the situation might be different, such as having to move abroad, a death in the immediate family, having to sell a dead relative’s home, divorce, a new job that needs you ASAP, the list could go on and on with all of these different circumstances. So, with these situations that have the potential to pop up, what exactly could you even do to sell your home? 

Specifically in what way could you sell it as soon as possible? Within the UK, it takes approximately two to three months on average for a house to be on the market before it’s sold, but that doesn’t guarantee that yours will be up for that short period; things like the condition of the house, the location, price, and other factors matter too. So, here are some strategies to use to sell your home ASAP!

Sell Your Home ASAP
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So, for starters, if you want to make this move as easy as possible for you, then it’s all going to start with selling your house at the right price, something that’s realistic and would be in demand. You’re going to want to hire a real estate agent to help you with the pricing (such as an appraisal), or you’ll have to conduct some market research for yourself. You might consider pricing slightly below market value to attract a larger pool of potential buyers, fostering competition and potentially leading to a quicker sale. Always going a tad lower is usually a bit more beneficial. 

Alright, so maintenance can be lengthy and costly, but at the end of the day, the whole point is to make your house as attractive as possible so people will want to buy it ASAP, and this is probably the best way to go about it. This proactive approach expedites the sales process and instils confidence in potential buyers. On top of that, you will have fewer negotiations with home buyers if everything is already nice and fixed up, so that’s something to think about, too. 

While your house doesn’t need to look magazine-worthy, it needs to blow people away, indoors and out. So, one of the best ways to do this is by simply hiring a home stager. Sure, you could try to do this yourself, but home stagers usually have the right decor and furniture to let a home pop.  Staging involves decluttering, rearranging furniture, and accentuating the property’s strengths. A well-staged home creates an emotional connection with buyers, facilitating quicker decisions. While there are tutorials online with this stuff, it’s still better to opt for a professional to get the job done. 

This isn’t so much about social media content or anything like that, but it’s a visual representation to make people want to visit the house for a viewing. If you’re teaming up with a real estate agent (which you should), then this will be pretty easy. Most real estate agent packages will come with a real estate photographer to help make the house shine. Nowadays, there are even virtual viewings/ tours, and some real estate agents will even make videos of the house itself. All of this can immensely help with creating demand. 

Alright, so usually, the real estate firm does this, and you should, by all means, still rely on them to do marketing, but you could also try to drum up some yourself. Post the listing on social media, maybe even Facebook, or tell your friends to share it. You can also tell your friends and family if they know anyone looking to buy a home, and they could easily check out your place. Sometimes, the old-fashioned way of word-of-mouth marketing can get something sold ASAP. 

Sell Your Home ASAP

Consider offering incentives to motivate potential buyers to act swiftly. This could include covering closing costs, providing a home warranty, or offering to include certain furnishings. Incentives can create a sense of urgency and set your property apart in a competitive market.

If you want a quick home sale or want to refer someone for a quick home sale, then why not just take cash for it? Alright, so there might be a chance you won’t get the exact amount of money you want, but you’ll get money quickly, and it technically gets the job done! Just try and play around with the idea because you never know; in the end, you might save money since you do not have to hire professionals for anything (like inspections, real estate agents, home stagers, appraisals, etc.). 

Be prepared to negotiate with potential buyers promptly. Respond to offers promptly and demonstrate flexibility when it comes to terms and conditions. Efficient negotiation and transaction management can significantly shorten the time from listing to closing.

Make your home accessible for showings by adopting a flexible schedule. The more available your property is for viewing, the higher the likelihood of attracting serious buyers quickly. Also, you might even want to go ahead and consider hosting open houses during weekends or evenings to accommodate different schedules. Sure, it’s a lot of work, but it will be worth it with that larger audience!

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