What is it with women and bitching?

image I guess I should start by saying I’ve never been much of a woman’s woman and of the female friends that I do have, I wouldn’t particularly say that they are girlie girls, just down to earth people who will tell you if you’re wrong. At school I was only ever part of the smaller groups of girl friends although I did ‘get on’ ok with the larger groups but you know the ones I mean, the girls who always have their hair ‘just so’ and well I guess if you’ve seen the film Mean Girls then I mean the UK’s equivalent of the ‘plastics’. I steered clear of them because they were bitchy and I’m just not into all of that.

When I left school I worked in Solicitors offices for a number of years and also for a large retail chain and they were both mainly populated by females. Here I met some of my best friends who are still in my life today but this was where I really started to see the extent of two-faced women, bitching and crappy politics. When I moved to a new area I decided that I needed to change my career path and work in a predominantly male environment and the difference was hugely noticeable. Before becoming a Mummy I worked in the Motor Industry and felt much more at home. If someone had a problem with you, they told it to you straight. Even the females that work in the Motor Industry are different, don’t get me wrong they don’t look like Russian Shot-putters (no offence to them of course) but they were still pretty girlie girls but they behaved differently, perhaps just the odd one or two who bucked the trend.

But in the last 3 years or so that I have been blogging, the bitching and the politics have returned to my life and so I ask the question what is it with women and bitching? You don’t hear the male bloggers (well maybe Jaiden Michaels from Desperate Scousewives because that’s how he is) but in general you don’t get all the male bloggers moaning all the time about who’s getting what, who’s working for who, who blogs on what network etc so why do the women? The blogosphere is never ending, surely there is enough room for us all to do what we want in our own little space. I don’t care what my neighbours get up to in their own homes, so why would it be a problem what the next blogger is doing? I’m just fed up of the bitching!!!

People who don’t really know me would probably make the assumption that I am quiet and possibly even shy but one thing that I am not is a shrinking violet and if someone attacks me I will come out fighting. No-one is attacking me now (well perhaps after this post they will?) but I am sick to death of all the crappy posts about blogging which have been doing the rounds for the last year, it’s just giving bloggers a bad name and I think will be the demise of bloggers in general.

I blog because I want to have a written record for my children of our life together, I want to be able to express myself in my own words ON MY OWN SITE, I want to have the ability to get support when I need it from people who understand and I like to review new products because I can and if you don’t like it or find it boring, no problem there are thousands of other blogs out there to choose from.

I’d like to open my computer just for one day and not seeing a barrage of posts about which blogger is in the wrong now, seriously people grow up!

8 thoughts on “What is it with women and bitching?”

  1. I agree we can’t control or sometimes even influence this type of behaviour, but we can maintain our own integrity and live by the values that we are trying to instil in our children.

    I have come across this type at various points in my life, but thankfully they have been in the minority.

  2. I completely understand, I have been there! (the school gates were a shock to the system!) What I meant was that I try not to do as they do, and get drawn into the pettiness (easier said than done!)

    A great post, very well written! Thanks for sharing it.

    Here’s to the goodies! x

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