Whale Watching_ A Comprehensive Guide To Eco-Tourism

Family trips can be super fun, especially when you’re planning a summer trip towards the water. Since the perfect time is almost here, many families wish to go whale watching in LA. Ecotourism is highly popular but there’s not a lot known about how to plan the best one for your entire family. With kids on board, there’s a lot more planning that goes into it, which is what this guide aims to accomplish. Read the tips below for the best whale sighting trip ever.

Whale Watching_ A Comprehensive Guide To Eco-Tourism 1

Research the whales

The first step to preparing yourself for whale watching is to read about these beautiful creatures. The experience of seeing them in real life is highly likely to take your breath away, but it would be very helpful if your kids knew about the species you’re trying to spot!

Choose the right season of the year

Whales travel throughout the oceans and seas at different times of the year, since they use the earth’s magnetic field to attune their internal cycles. If you want to increase your chances of finding whales, go to these spots during the most favorable time of the year and not in the off-season months.

Pick the right professionals

Right off the bat, we highly recommend you to choose professionals for your whale watching tour. If you’re in LA whale watching, this will prove to be a big advantage considering these professionals already know the routine and best probability of spotting whales. Most of them spend their time tracking the movement of the whale pods or singular whales travelling through the ocean. They also know the best time to spot them and will do everything in their power to give their clients their money’s worth.

Make multiple tour bookings

Whale watching

Yes, you heard us right. If you’re in LA for a few days and are dead set on watching whales in their natural habitat, it might take multiple tours to get the perfect shot. Sometimes, the first tour doesn’t work since you can’t control the majestic beasts’ impulses. It’s always a good idea to book two different whale watching tours at different spots so you increase your chances of a sighting.

Listen to everything the instructor says

The instructors have been doing this for years, even decades, and may understand much more about the whales than we could. It’s the best advice to listen carefully to what they say to have the most enjoyable experience. They’ll do their best to showcase marine diversity throughout your tour.

It isn’t something you’ll ever expect

Watching whales on TV and the internet is a different experience, but there is nothing in the world that can prepare you for the moment of truth. Setting your eyes on one of the most ancient beings on the planet will be surreal and awe-inspiring. Go with zero expectations and let yourself be humbled!

Wrapping Up


Lastly, don’t forget that this is one of the most remarkable moments of your life; whale watching often brings life into perspective for many! We hope that you found our whale watching eco-tourism guide helpful and hope you get to see them soon!

Whale Watching_ A Comprehensive Guide To Eco-Tourism 2

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