Wedding Trends for 2022

It’s been a while since celebrations have been able to be back in our lives. Undoubtedly, a wedding isn’t a random celebration: it marks a before and after in the bride and groom’s lives.

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After so much time, wedding trends have changed and it’s necessary to adapt and renew wedding styles. Aside from dresses and suits, there are a lot of not-so-small details that are quite important and must be taken care of.

A safe celebration

Times change and so will the way of celebrating weddings. The health situation will influence 2022 trends, so there are several aspects that we must take into account.

The masks and the hydroalcoholic gel are and will continue to be accessories as essential as the wedding ring. Why don’t make the most of it? Choose a special mask for the special day, matching your outfit. You can wear a mask of the colour of your dress or suit, or wear a patterned mask that brings a touch of light and fun. You can also consider wearing a satin or sequin mask. Safety and glamour is the perfect match for 2022!

A special environment in an outdoor venue. Avoiding closed places, outdoor weddings will be the main stars of 2022 – especially in nature.  Ashore on the beach, a vineyard, in the countryside… Ideal places transmit serenity and restlessness as well as romanticism, according to the sensations of the moment.

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The number of guests will also tend to decrease. Intimate celebrations are taking a lot of protagonism, limiting the number of invitations to only closest friends and family. 

Spaces’ arrangement will also be totally different. As the number of diners per table will tend to decrease between 4 and 6 people, the menus become more individualized, avoiding direct contact and respecting social distances.

Decoration will steal the show

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Decoration will become the central issue of every wedding. It shouldn’t be put aside even for a second. It’s very important to create a climate of enjoyment and fun for the special day but at the same time, the decoration should reflect the style of the bride and groom. 

In every decoration, there should always be a place for lighting. In 2022 the trend is to put lights everywhere that illuminate every corner with that romantic, magical and dreamer touch that let these moments invade guests.

Looking ahead to this year, the composition of a centrepiece without candles or flowers wouldn’t make sense. It’s necessary to bring life to the venue and enhance the magic we’re talking about. Roses, hydrangeas and peonies are the classic flowers that never fail us to decorate.

Trends in colours run away from monochromatism and white tones. There’s a diversity where the colour of the crockery, cutlery and flowers with much more varied tones will play a key role, although depending on the taste and the concept that you want to create, your chosen colours could be blue, green or pink.

The distribution of the diners by tables is an exercise that is carried out with special care and will trend to change with more intimate lighting with neons or illuminated letters of the initials of the couple. Even in the way of identifying the table, there will also be changes: leaving behind the numbers, by themes adapted to the tastes and experiences of the bride and the groom.

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