Basic routines for your way to flawless skin

Flawless, glowing skin is everyone’s dream. You don’t have to splurge money on expensive products or go to a spa to achieve clear skin. But following a simple skincare routine regularly and consistently will do its magic. The first step towards starting a skincare routine is finding out your skin type. There are three main types of skin: Dry, oily, and combination skin. Depending on your skin type, choose the products, and follow the following steps.

1. Exfoliate

Flawless Skin

Exfoliation is crucial for your skincare routine. It removes whiteheads, blackheads, and dead skin, keeping the skin smooth and radiant. As we age, the replenishing rate of skin cells slows down. That is why it is essential to scrub your skin at least once a week to prevent clogged pores and a dull complexion. Dry brushing before the shower helps in better blood circulation throughout the body. Your face skin is very delicate, so use an exfoliator gently in a circular motion. After this, wash your face using lukewarm water, dab dry using a dry towel. After this, use a hydrating serum or a night cream to moisturise. Consistent exfoliation will reveal flawless skin. Looking for an all-natural exfoliating mask? Check out VerdiLab’s Micro Exfoliator.

2. Moisturise Regularly

Flawless Skin

One of the common mistakes is that people wait for too long to apply a moisturiser after washing their face. Spending too much time in showers also strips off your natural skin oils. If you do not use a moisturiser after washing, there are high chances of skin breakouts due to the open pores. Moisturising your skin will make sure that the skin’s natural oils and water content are intact. It strengthens your skin barrier and slows down the rate of water loss from the skin’s outer surface. Sensitive skin people should use a moisturiser with ceramides, a type of fat present in the skin.

3. Sun Protection

Flawless Skin

Everyone knows the importance of using sunscreen, but only a few apply it. Sun rays have harsh effects on skin health. Almost 80 per cent of all skin issues like wrinkles, facial lines, skin thinning, freckling, and even skin cancer happens due to sun exposure. Using a sunscreen with a broad-spectrum blocking both UVB and UVA rays will help protect skin from harmful sun rays. The UV rays are strongest between 10 am and 4 pm. If you go out during this time, then on top of sunscreen, use a shade of an umbrella, cloth, and sunglasses for added protection. Remember to apply sunscreen every two hours when you are out in the sun. This is also an important aspect for skin renewal and keeping your skin healthy. Even if you are staying in cold weather, you are prone to sun damage.

4. Nutrition from inside

What you feed your body is what you are. Eating healthy, nutritious food is very important for flawless skin. Having a diet rich in lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits play a vital role in keeping your skin healthy. Eating seeds and nuts rich in copper helps in building collagen for firm skin. Lean meats and legumes contain lysine, which is an amino acid that also contributes to collagen production. Avoid having foods that dehydrate you, like caffeine or alcohol. Too many of these items affect your skin’s elasticity, tone, and colour. Other than the food, drinking enough water is also very crucial. Make your water yummy by making infused waters using vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

5. Workout Routine

A minimum of 30 minutes of workout daily will make you sweaty, giving you a fresh, glowed face. A study proved that people who exercised regularly had youthful skin. It also helped in reversing the early signs of ageing. When you exercise, your skin regulates heat by dilating the blood vessels in the skin, bringing warm blood to the surface and transferring heat out of the body into the air. The warm flow of blood ensures that your skin is getting enough nutrients and oxygen. Start your day by working out or doing some activity and give your face a glowy flush.

6. Wash your face before going to bed

Flawless Skin

Just like applying sunscreen is essential before stepping out in the sun, washing your face is a crucial task before going to bed. Your skin is exposed to pollution, the dust of the entire day, which clogs your pores and weakens your skin. It can lead to breakouts and dull skin. Therefore, do not go to bed without taking off your makeup and washing your face. Use an oil-free moisturizer to balance your skin, keeping it hydrated without getting oily.

7. Clean Your Hair

Flawless Skin

Many skin problems occur due to the oil and dandruff from your hair. So, in case you have dandruff prone hair, then wash your hair using an anti-dandruff shampoo. It will prevent the occurrence of acne, bumps, and other skin issues. Keeping a clean scalp and hair is also a part of the overall skincare routine.

8. Sleep

Sleep is well known for its health benefits but is less known for its benefits for the skin. Taking at least 8 hours of sleep improves the quality of your skin. It is the best skincare mechanism that you can apply to your lifestyle. It rejuvenates your body from within. If you are not able to sleep, use a sleep mask for better sleep. It will also reduce the chances of early signs of wrinkles. When you wake up after a good sleep, you feel and look refreshed. Due to lack of sleep, your cortisol level increases that increase the speed of collagen breakdown. It leads to dark circles, under-eye bags, and dull skin. Therefore, don’t take your beauty sleep lightly and bring on that smooth, glowing, youthful skin.

9. Go Natural

Flawless Skin

Natural skincare products are safer compared to chemical products. Chemical products can cause skin irritation and redness, whereas natural products have fewer chances of side effects. Therefore, go natural for healthy and beautiful skin.


The above are a few ways of achieving flawless skin. Having good skin will also boost your confidence level. Remember that, along with your skincare routine, living a healthy lifestyle is also essential. When you eat healthily, you feel good and happy from the inside. There you go, follow these basic routines for flawless skin.

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