Top toy predictions for Christmas

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner! 

If you’re already thinking about what to get your little ones for Christmas 2022 so you can bag the festive faves and spread the cost this winter, we’ve got you covered.  

When finding the perfect gifts for your little ones this holiday season, consider exploring our top toy predictions for Christmas, including adorable penguin toys for sale that can be discovered in this delightful collection of penguin-themed treasures.

Gifts that get them moving

Top toy predictions for Christmas

With colder days comes more indoor play, so it’s important to find Christmas presents, toys and games which still release some of their energy even when stuck inside. 

For Christmas gifts in 2022, Natural Baby Shower predicts that there will be an even greater focus on getting the little ones active with their toys. Gifts encouraging physical activity, like Little Dutch walkers, Little Bird Told Me rockers, and Plan Toys pull-along, are great for explorative play. 

Top choice – Pull-along

Natural Baby Shower: I love this gorgeous rocker from Little Bird Told Me. Its icy, fluffy coat and soft, plush body make it the perfect toy for some white Christmas joy. 

You may have even spotted this beautiful rocker in the playroom of YouTuber Imogen Horton (@imogennation) recently as the team at Natural Baby Shower created a ‘mint green dream’ for her daughter Renaelia’s first birthday! 

Toys that promote learning through play

Top toy predictions for Christmas

As parents continue to look for ways to help their little ones in school, they believe educational toys will continue to grow in popularity. 

In 2022, they predict that there will be an emphasis on toys that promote learning through play. Better yet, toys that do this without the need for screen time will likely be a hit with those conscious of too much screen use over the Christmas period and beyond. 

Products like audio players and puzzles are likely to be at the top of many wish lists as these types of toys are fun for the little ones and help them develop important skills like concentration, memory, imagination and creativity.

Top choice – Learning through play

One of their favourite audio players, the Tonies Toniebox has become a sought-after prezzie, with millions of parents opting to buy it for their little ones. 

With a soft casing and a range of magnetic characters, it’s great for independent play and encourages little imaginations to run wild with a mix of stories, music, and create-your-own options.

Collectables too cute to miss

Some truly gorgeous toys have landed from much-loved brands such as Olli Ella, Liewood, Little Dutch and Fabelab, who always release the sweetest Christmas characters each year. 

It’s hard not to fall in love with all the new collectables, yet if you’ve got a little one who is fond of a certain plush pal, investing in a similar friend will go down well this Christmas.

Top choice – Collectables 

Natural Baby Shower gasped at the cuteness of these pretty pooches, which have been added to Olli Ella’s charming range of soft toys and dolls. 

The all-new Dinkum Dogs are made from a range of ultra-soft fabrics, such as velvety ears and plush paws, making them the next best thing to a hug from a canine companion. 

For an added fun feature, these little pups come equipped with a small magnetic bone attached to their mouth. These would make amazing stocking fillers!

Top toy predictions for Christmas

Classic toys with a modern twist

Even in a rapidly changing world, some things never go out of style. In 2022, we predict that classic toys with a modern twist will continue to be popular. 

Think board games at the flip of a table, wooden coffee machines without the clean-up, and stacking toys that offer endless possibilities. 

These classic toys have been updated for the 21st century and are sure to be a hit with children of all ages. 

Top choice – Classic Toys 

While the Stokke MuTable is new to Natural Baby Shower this year, it’s already picked up some impressive awards globally, such as the American Parents’ Choice Gold Award 2019 in the toy category. 

With four double-sided playboards, this clever piece of furniture can transform into various games and puzzles for the little ones to enjoy. 

Designed with families in mind, the central hole in the table smartly houses all the game pieces to keep everything tidy – a plus for Christmas day when toys take over the house!

Toys for packable fun

Top toy predictions for Christmas 1

Every parent will understand the struggle of carting mounds of toys over Christmas. 

They predict that Christmas 2022 will see more families travelling to spend time together as we make up for the past few years spent apart. 

So, for the ultimate convenience for Christmas on the road, we expect portable, smaller toys to become favourites for you and your little one. After all, they do say good things come in small packages.

Top choice – Packable Fun

Look no further than the Yoto Mini Player to keep little ones entertained this Christmas. This portable audio player is the ideal size to sneak into Santa’s stocking and encourage a more peaceful car journey on that Boxing Day trip home. With an all-day battery and added display features such as sleep sound functions, this little device will surely be your best friend this Christmas and theirs. 

Top toy predictions for Christmas 2


So, there you have it— Natural Baby Shower’s predictions for the top toys of Christmas 2022! With so many options, there’s sure to be something that will make their holiday season extra special. 

They always want to help you find the right products at the right time and price. So, where they can, they’ll offer a price match promise to bring you the best prices they can.

Top toy predictions for Christmas 3

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