Top Tips for Stress-Free Moving in Connecticut

Do you think moving is 100% stressful? Not at all! If you plan ahead and do it right, your experience will be the best it can be. Today, Connecticut movers shared with us valuable tips that will help you remember your moving day as an easy and hassle-free experience. Learn the most useful life hacks for moving by taking a few minutes to read our article.

Moving in Connecticut

Start from the beginning! The worst idea when moving is to leave everything until the last minute. Instead:

– Plan ahead, the sooner the better;

– Divide tasks into days, e.g. I will fold clothes today and do the kitchen tomorrow;

– Do your research in advance and choose movers for your move.

Regarding the latter, there are many moving companies in Connecticut. Maxi Moving, for example, offers comprehensive moving services and has 13 years of experience. You can rely on these movers in all matters and not worry about anything going wrong. 

The next tip is this: don’t forget that moving is the perfect excuse for a thorough cleaning. And also to sort things. Before you pack everything into boxes, make sure you’re not taking anything unnecessary with you. We’re 99.9% sure that some of your stuff can be thrown away, sold, or given away because you don’t use it most of the time. Trust us: when you unpack, you will thank us for this advice. 

Invest in good quality packing materials and pack strategically. Label your boxes clearly, not just with their contents, but also with which room they belong in. And don’t forget to pack a “survival kit” with essentials — toiletries, snacks, and a bottle opener. Trust me, you’ll need it.

Top Tips for Stress-Free Moving in Connecticut 1

Some additional tips for you:

  • Delegate everything you can. You can safely delegate most of the tasks during your move to the movers. Save time and relax while the professionals pack your things for you.
  • Make sure the company you choose can handle all types of items. This is important if you have non-standard items such as musical instruments, antiques, appliances, etc.
  • Put all your worries aside. Moving day is something to enjoy. After all, this is a new chapter in your life. Don’t worry about any hassles. We are sure that professional movers will take care of everything.

It is very helpful to have a list of all the things you moved. When you arrive at your new home, you should check this list to make sure that everything arrived safely.

If some things are damaged, the insurance of the moving company should cover it. This is why you should only work with licensed and fully insured movers. Even if their services cost a little more. 

Now you know the basics of how to prepare for a move. These tips are universal. They will come in handy whether you are moving down the street or planning to travel to a neighboring state. 

Have a safe trip!

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