Top time saving tips to help around the home

Being a parent of young children is hectic at the best of times, but during the summer holidays, it’s even more important to save time and stay productive so you have more time for the fun stuff! Below are some top tips to make life a little bit easier.

help around the home
  • Feel like you are forever washing? Save time by using DYLON Colour Catcher in your wash. No need to spend time separating colours from whites; wash everything in one go with this nifty sheet and know that your coloured clothes will stay bright and whites remain white, saving you time, energy and money!
  • Leave a basket by the door or stairs to easily throw bits in that need to be taken to other rooms or up and down. This will save you time running up and down and means you can carry lots at once.
  • Secret storage is your best friend. Ottomans with hidden storage are a great way to quickly tidy things away; you can have one for each child where they can keep their toys, crafts etc. Not only are they great storage, but they make handy additional seating or footstools.
Top time saving tips to help around the home 1
  • Use hanging shoe storage to prep your kids’ clothes for the days ahead. You can prep their outfits, including socks and underwear, and they can pull out their ready-planned outfits and get changed themselves.  (Also great for school days)
  • While you may plan meals during school days, plan meals during the summer as well.  This will spare time without stressing about what to make and save money so you’re not tempted to grab a fast food meal.  
  • Keep a lint roller easily accessible to quickly wipe pet hair and dust off not only clothes but also lampshades and furniture; this saves you from getting the hoover out every time.
Top time saving tips to help around the home 2
  • Kids can help out! If your children are old enough, get everyone to help by putting on some of their favourite music while they pitch in (ie dust, fold freshly laundered towels, garden, etc.).
  • Don’t leave your household chores to the last minute.  Doing a little at a time is better than spending a whole day catching up on cleaning (see the handy 30 day cleaning chart below produced by Henkel)

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