Top Casino Themed Gifts

Buying birthday and Christmas presents for kids and teenagers is relatively straightforward; doing the same for adults is a completely different matter altogether. Your best bet is to find out their favourite hobby and buy them something related to it.

If they love football, get tickets to a game or buy their team’s latest jersey. If you’re buying for a cooking enthusiast, get on Amazon and order a recipe book or maybe buy them a fine dining experience.

All seems fairly straightforward, right? Well, what do you get for someone whose main hobby is gambling? Can you give them some money and tell them to have a couple of spins on you? Read on to our list of 10 great gifts for gambling fans.

Customized Poker Set

Casino Themed Gifts

If you want to push the boat out and delight the poker lover, look no further than a customized poker set. You can choose a theme or style you think the recipient will like, either going for something novelty based or a more elegant approach.

If you’re looking for something more generic, try Amazon, but if it’s a more bespoke set you’re after, see what you can find on Etsy.

Poker Game Print

Regarding gambling art, there is no image more iconic than the Dogs Playing Poker painting by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge. If they’re a good friend, you can contact the person who bought the original Poker Game painting at a 2015 auction for $658,000. If not, head over to Amazon and get your hands on a print!

This Link

Knowledge is power, and what is more powerful to a gambling fan than the knowledge that they could be enjoying free spins and wagers if they used Bonusfinder in New Zealand? Bonus Finder is a website that finds the best welcome bonuses and offers on gambling sites and compares them for their users.

Personalized Money Clips

If your friend is the type of person that wins big money at the poker table, then the ideal present could be a personalised poker money clip. An aluminium or copper clip with their initials or a unique quote would be an amazing present.

The Logic of Sports Betting by Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow

This insightful and entertaining book reveals a whole host of industry secrets from sports betting that will surely capture the attention of anyone interested in gambling. It’s also a great gift to get someone who you know is notoriously bad at sports wagering!

Horse Racing Tickets

Horse racing

Of all the lists on the internet detailing the best gifts for gambling fans, relatively few have this obvious yet brilliant suggestion – tickets to a horse racing event. Whether it be a local meet or a national competition, a trip to horse racing is a truly memorable experience and one that the recipient of your gift will thank you for.

Shot Glass Roulette

If you were born before 1993, chances are you’re starting to feel your age and perhaps even nostalgic for your younger partying days. If you want to relive the glory of your youth with your gambling-loving friends, get them a shot glass roulette and maybe a couple of packets of paracetamol for the next day.

Personalized Dice

Are you feeling lucky? Why not roll the dice by buying that special someone a personalized, luxury set of dice? You can go down the novelty route and pick something funny, or you could go for a stylish black and red pairing.

Poker Cufflinks

A subtle yet quirky way for someone to express their passion for all things poker is to wear a pair of poker-branded cufflinks. Head over to Amazon, and you’ll find a wide range of gambling-inspired cufflinks to appeal to almost every taste.

Rounders DVD

Who buys DVDs anymore!?’ you may be thinking to yourself. The answer is someone who wants to buy their friend or family member a gift that will put a big smile on their face. Rounders is the 1998 cult classic film starring Matt Damon and John Malkovich that tells the thrilling tale of one man’s mission to master the underground poker scene.

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